A New Enemy

“Dammit!” Kane thought angrily as he raced back to the Dynio Clangrounds followed by the rest of the warriors he’d brought on the raid. Both the Dynio Drakos-El clangrounds got hit at the same time?” Wester had called for a retreat the same time that Kane did.

“Looks like we have some business to care of,” he said as the fighting stopped and their warriors started retreating. Kane had been loath to leave their duel unfinished. Wester saw the scowl on Kane’s face and gave him that haughty grin. “Don’t worry,” Wester assured him, “we’ll settle this fight later, heathen.”

“Count on it, you stuck-up bastard,” Kane had replied.

As the Dynio warriors sped through the Heldian Valley toward their clangrounds, Kane wondered how they’d find their home one they got there. He’d taken most of the good fighters on this raid after all. After fighting the Drakos-El for so long, the Dynio clan was prepared for attacks on the clangrounds, but still… Kane put on a burst of speed.

Soon he and the others left the valley and entered the plain where their clangrounds were located. Kane spotted billows of smoke coming from the direction of their home.

“Not good,” the thought, trying to suppress the fears rising up. As the image of their home came into view, Kane could see the enemy had ceased attacking and left the village. They stood in front of the entrance as if guarding it. He estimated there were around a score and a half of them. The enemy warriors packed a variety of weapons, both for close combat and long range. They all wore silver full-body armor; only their dark faces were visible.

“So, you’ve come to meet us?” Kane thought as he saw them stand there, waiting for his group to arrive. “And all decked out too.” He smiled grimly. “Payback time.” When they were about a quarter mile away, Kane looked back at his men. “Alright guys, we’re going to strike first this time!” he yelled. The men roared their approval. Kane started giving out orders. “Alright, all Galebladers, let’s blow them apart with our waves! The rest of you, get ready to follow up once they’re scattered!” Kane and his fellow wind magic swordsmen released a volley of air waves at the enemy. Kane added a couple of his own. The enemy responded to their attack with near surgical precision. Immediately all of the warriors formed tight ranks behind their five shield bearers, who held up their shields in defense.

 “Are these guys mad?” Kane wondered. “No way they can guard against all those waves with just five people.” But the enemy proved him wrong. The guards’ shields became fluid and expanded, forming steel walls that covered and hid all of the enemy soldiers standing behind them. Kane watched in disbelief as the multitude of air waves they’d sent dispersed upon impact with the walls without leaving so much a scratch or a dent.

 “What the hell?” he exclaimed.

 “What kind of magic is that?” one of the Dynio warriors asked in astonishment.

 “I’ve never seen any magic like that before,” another agreed. Before Kane could figure out how to respond to this new type of magic, the shield walls shrunk suddenly shrunk. All of the enemy fighters with ranged weapons fired them at once, sending a barrage of blasts derived from multiple magics. Kane’s sharp instincts and reflexes served him once more as he narrowly avoided the shots. His men weren’t so lucky. Kane saw several of them fall. Before Kane or any of the other warriors could counterattack, the metal shields had already expanded again. 

 “On your toes people; we’re not dealing with any pushovers here!” he called out. Kane saw the enemy’s walls begin to shrink and prepared to dodge another wave. He’d never seen such combat precision before. “Man, who the hell are these guys?” he wondered.

The End

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