Mr. Wester vs Kane

Wester quickly moved toward the line of Drakos-El Warriors that had nearly fallen. He needed to keep the enemy surrounded to keep the advantage on their side. The heathens in the Dynio clan were ignorant of many things and often didn't think, but battle was something they knew all too well. 

A familiar vibe went through the air, causing Wester to immediately duck and roll. When he glanced back, he noticed a large tree falling slowly, it's trunk cleanly cut in two. Wester brushed his golden locks out of his face and faced the man that ran out of the shadows. The  dark shaggy hair gave him away as Kane, one of the most talented in the Dynio clan.

"Well, it seems you have saved me some trouble," Wester said as he turned to avoid a downward strike from Kane's larger blade. Sadly, the blade caught a little hair. Wester would have to restyle his mane.

"Come on, Wester," Kane yelled slicing with his shorter blade. Wester blocked with his bladed shield and pointed his gun at his opponents face. Without saying a word, the massive handgun fired, shooting a burst of flames into Kane's face. Wester jumped back to avoid letting them hit his armor and tarnishing it. It seemed as though Kane had been beaten.

Or not. 

Instead of hitting his face, Wester realized, he had actually hit the shorter of Kane's blades. The man really was a worthy opponent. Wester took no chances though. He out his gun up and pulled his second bladed shield from his back. They were more efficient, having both defensive and offensive capabilities.

"Now we're talking!" Kane yelled, his messy hair flying back as he rushed Wester. Wester pulled on his stock of earth magic and pumped it into his shields, making them more sturdy, and blocked both incoming blades. 

"You're the only one talking, heathen," Wester said calmly, ducking and stabbing with the pointed part of his shield in to his opponent's gut. Kane blocked with the shorter of his blades, sending a jolt of electricity in to Wester. How bothersome this heathen had become.

Wester rolled backwards, barely dodging the larger of Kane's two blades. He was about to charge, but a man with a banner caught his attention. Wester quickly turned to Kane, ready to defend the messenger should the Dynio heathen attack. 

Kane, however, was looking at something else. It was a messenger from his village. 

"A moment?" Wester asked Kane, trying to keep his calm demeanor. What was going on? Both of these messengers arriving at the same time seemed all too suspicious.

Kane nodded and walked off to speak with his fellow clan member. He still eyed Wester, watching his movements. Wester knew this because he was doing the same thing.

"Report," Wester commanded the short bald boy. What was his name again? Kiter? Yeah, that was it; Kiter.

"S-sir.... The clan village has been...." Kiter shrank down, tears coming to his eyes. Wester felt fear coming from the depths of his emotional ashes. Did the village get attacked? 

Before Wester could ask him anything, Garland appeared out of the trees, blood running down his arm. "Mr. Wester, we must return to Drakos-El Clangrounds immediately!" he shouted.

"What is happening, Mr. Garland?" 

"It's being attacked!"

The End

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