This is the life!

Kane howled with delight as he raced toward the Drakos-El supply train, closely followed by his comrades. He enjoyed the feeling of the wind rustling the short auburn mop that was his hair. He always loved messing with those stuck-up Drakos-El warriors. When he'd heard about their supply train passing through to Fregurd, he couldn't resist going to intercept it. He'd chosen forty other capable fighters raced to the Heldian Valley, where the supply train was supposed to pass.

The Dynio warriors surrounded the supply trains easily. Kane smiled as he watched the train's guards grip their weapons nervously. He jumped up on top of one of the supply train units. "Listen up! All you Drakos-El blaggards!" He yelled at the guards.

"You're pretty lucky today. You guys could actually walk away with your lives. All you have to do is drop those weapons, and hand over these goodies and we won't have to hurt you. On the other hand, refuse," With one swift motion he whipped his broadsword from the scabbard, dug for the wind magic within him and slashed the air, releasing a wave of violent gales at a nearby tree. Though the tree was fully grown, the wave cut right though it as though it were a mere sapling. Kane chucked as he watched their frightened faces.

"That will be you." He held his sword in front of him. "So, what's the choice going to be?" As he surveyed the guards, warning bells started going off in Kane's head. There were only a dozen guards, not nearly enough for a supply train of this magnitude. He heard the whistle of something flying through the air behind him and instinctly leapt off of the unit. A split second later a large flame bullet slammed into the spot where he'd been a moment ago, incinerating the freight. Kane looked around for the culprit. In the light of the flaming supply unit he could see a line of Drakos-El warriors gathered on each side of the valley, their guns drawn and ready.

"Dammit, it's a set-up!" he said angrily.   Kane grabbed the two sides of his blade’s double basket hilt and pulled, splitting his blade apart and forming a long and short katana. He channeled his wind magic into the longer one and his thunder magic into the shorter one. He kept his shadow magic for later. 

"Look alive, men, we got some company!" he yelled quickly. The other Dynio fighters responded to his command with a roar and rushed at the enemy. Kane was about to join them spotted a flash of golden hair behind the line on the left side. He scowled. Of course, nobody but that bastard Wester would have planned something like this. He was probably the one who shot at him too. Kane started to make his way towards his adversary, hacking and slashing with his katanas. If Wester wanted a fight, he was going to get it!

The End

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