Invaders at the ClangroundsMature

“Damn it, damn it, damn it!!!” Kane screamed in unbridled frustrations. He was racing back to the Dynio clangrounds at a breakneck pace, followed closely by the other warriors. “Who the hell is attacking us now?” Kane was angry that the blasted Drakos-El had used the caravan as a trap which while not resulting in any casualties had injured a couple of his warriors. He was enraged that his fight with Wester had been cut short, just when he’d finally managed to mess with the bastard’s oh-so-perfect hair. But there was no comparison to the scalding, unquenchable, transcendent fury that seared his veins at the thought that someone had the balls to assault his home and his people. Kane had nearly lost it once he’d heard the news of the attack, wanting nothing more but to explode, but he barely managed to keep his focus. A dark furrow settled on his brow. “I swear upon my honor, every last one of these fuckers will be a broken corpse,” he growled savagely. He increased his speed even further, cutting down every bush or branch that dared to stand in his way with is lightning-charged blades.

Kane quickly neared the entrance to the ancient tribal home of the Dynio clan. Set at the base of the great mountain Kilim, the clan had grown and thrived in its shadow extending their territory to the surrounding forest and plains. Kane could hear the sound of battle already raging from the camp and mentally kicked himself again for not leaving more warriors behind. He looked back at his men, who had followed in his destructive wake. Every face was set in looks of fury.

“Warriors, you’ve only got one mission: Eradicate all of these fucking intruders down to the last man with everything you have and defend the clangrounds, or die trying. Wipe these shitty dumbasses out for daring to strike our home!!!” All of the warriors roared their fierce agreement and charged forward into the clangrounds. Kane stopped Leither and the Wind warriors who’d been injured in the caravan trap before they could join them. “Wait up; I need you all to make sure all of the clan civilians have evacuated safely before attacking. We gotta make sure to save everybody you can.” The two more experienced Wind warriors nodded and rushed into the clangrounds, but Leither paused, wanting nothing more but to join the fray immediately. Seeing Leither’s hesitation, Kane added, “Your girl’s gonna need some protection you know. Go on and save her, Galeripper!” Leither’s eyes widened and he nodded vigorously before dashing off at full speeds towards the clan tents.

Kane himself rushed forward towards the cacophony of combat near the center of the clangrounds, where the community circle lay. Glancing at the buildings he saw numerous crimson splatters painting the walls with broken bodies of Dynio clansmen slumped against them. Kane’s anger flared up in force when he saw a particularly young girl’s shattered corpse laying on the ground. “They even dare target kids?!?” he thought. He gripped his blades even tighter and continued onwards. He arrived at the community circle and found the invaders trading magical blasts of fire and water with the Dynio defenders.

The invaders were dressed in matching uniforms of black, green, and grey with light armor defending their chests. They wore dark helms which cast a shadow over their face, creating an unsettling shady void where their facial features should be. They formed precise ranks with heavy weaponry in the front of the line and support and long-range attackers behind them. These were definitely NOT Drakos-El bastards, Kane thought. “But then, why the hell are they attacking?” Kane remembered the Drakos-El messenger who spoke with Wester a second before the Dynio scout had arrived. “They couldn’t be hitting those fuckers at the same time, right?” he wondered. He shook his head of the distracting thoughts. They weren’t going to help him annihilate the enemy.

The mysterious invaders launched another organized barrage of fireballs at the Dynio clansmen, causing them to scatter.

“Come on, damn it. Stand your ground!” Kane called out, trying to rally his fellow warriors. “We gotta take these damn intruders out!” He launched a retaliation of wind blades, supported by several more attacks from the other clansmen.

“Anet lyn, bahr!” Kane heard one of the intruders, mostly likely a captain of some sort, call out in a thick guttural voice. The front line carrying the heavy weapons raised them in unison. Kane watched in disbelief as the metal weapons melded and shifted forms until each person was carrying a full shield. The Dynio’s assault collided with the wall of shields and seemed to fizzle out upon contact.

“What the hell?” Kane exclaimed. He’d never heard of Metal magic existing before this, and he’d never seen an magical attack just fade out like that. More and more he wondered where the hell these bastards crawled out of.

“Who on earth are these damn intruders?” he yelled in frustration.

The End

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