Dynio's AttackMature

Kane Dybel calmly looked over the Drakos-El supply train traveling beneath the cliff he stood on. His bronze skin, tanned by countless hours spent on the training fields, glowed a little under the rays of the sun. His mane of spiky black hair fell unchecked past his shoulders. He was garbed in his plated combat jacket and pants. Plain steel bracers covered his forearms, engraved with the Dybel crest. Kane leaned lazily against his massive six foot broadsword wedged in the soil, arms crossed and resting on the rope-bound hilt as he watched the procession amble by.

“Stormstriker!” A voice called behind him. Leither, one of the Dynio scouts, dashed up to him. Though he was one of the youngest active warriors for the clan, he was already beginning to make a name for himself as a rising swordsman. Though he still became a little wound-up during live combat, Kane thought to himself.

“For the last time Leither, no need to address me by my War title when we’re not actually fighting,” he said chuckling. The young Dynio clansman’s face flushed a little.

“Sorry Stor- I mean, Kane sir,” he stammered. Kane sighed and stood up.

“At ease, Leither. You aren’t going to impress that girl back in the clan if you’re too jumpy.” The scout’s blush reddened even further and he started spluttering. Kane patted his shoulder. “Just relax,” he said. “Is the squad ready?” Leither nodded.

“Yes sir! Everyone is armed and prepared for battle with the Drakos-El scum!”

“Good.” Kane smirked. His right incisor was visible, jutting up from his lip. “Call them here for me.” Leither saluted and ran off. Kane looked back down at the supply train. He wasn’t a fool; odds were the damned Drakos-El were planning an ambush, using the rather lightly guarded supply train as bait. It was just the kind of thing those fucking religious nuts would do to lure out the “heathens.” Kane snorted. “That bastard Wester is probably waiting for us to hit the train from behind or the side before swarming us from the trees,” he thought. “But I doubt he’ll expect the approach we’re going to take.” Kane flashed a savage grin, showing his rows of sharpened teeth.

A few minutes later Leither arrived with the 28 other Dynio tribesman in the squad, each armed to the teeth with the clan’s traditional weaponry of bows, axes, and swords. They were all marked with the tribal markings on their right hand showing two or three jagged green arcs running up past their wrists. “The ranger squad has arrived, sir,” Leither reported.

“Thanks Leither,” Kane said. He looked at the eager expressions plastered on each of the clansmen’s faces. “Wild bloodthirsty fighters, the whole lot of them,” he thought. Not that he was any different. Kane knew he was the craziest of them all and was proud of it. “Alright you lot,” he addressed the squad. “There’s a Drakos-El supply train right below us daring to make its way through Dynio territory!” A round of heated insults emerged from the warriors present.

“Those Drakos-El quacks!”

“Just a bunch of damn religious nutjobs.”

“They dare do as they please in our territory!?!” Kane raised a hand to quiet them.

“Yeah, those shitty ‘High Order’ members think they can do as they please without so much a by your leave. That’s why we’re going to take the liberty of liberating some of their shipment as a tax for their trespassing.” The squad gave a cheer. “Now don’t let your guard down,” Kane continued. “They’re probably waiting for us to crash this caravan, so stay alert. I don’t want to hear any of you went and found yourself in some stupid trap.” He drew his broadsword from the ground and pointed towards the edge of the cliff. “Now, Wind scouts and vanguard, you’re with me. We’re gonna scale this cliff and hit the supply train from above. Thunder warriors, head back down and wrap around from the sides and flank whoever comes to attack. Raizo will lead. Take out any Drakos-El bastards you see with extreme prejudice. Show them you should never mess with the Dynio!”

“Yes Stormstriker!” the squad barked out in concert. The 14 Thunder magic-wielding tribesmen started to rush down the cliff to get into position, while Leither and the remaining Wind magic users joined Kane on the cliff ledge. Kane himself began building up the Wind and Thunder magic within him, submerging himself into a state of combat. He could feel the battle thirst rising with his spirit as he accessed his twin elements. As one of the few in the Dynio clan who could channel dual magics simultaneously, he was one of the top warriors, second in command to only the clan leader. It was his duty to lead the squad into battle and make sure as many as possible made it back to the clangrounds. Once he finished preparing, he turned to the tribesmen beside him and grinned.

“Alright, time to wreck these fuckers!” Kane leaped off and began scaling down the cliff by jumping on the rocky outcrops jutting from the side, using his Wind magic to help maneuver and gauge his descent. Leither and the other warriors followed suit. Kane landed on one of the caravan wagons, whirling his sword around. Drakos-El soldiers began pouring out from the treeline. Kane looked around at the other Dynio clansmen, who had landed taken up positions on the caravan.

 “Warriors! Take out the crew of the caravan and hold down the fort until the Thunder troupe arrives!!” he yelled out. Kane undid the bindings on the hilt of his sword. The blade split in two, forming a long hook-blade and a curved short-sword. The two weapons began to crackle and vibrate with static as his Thunder magic began to flow through them. Kane grinned fiercely at the gathered attackers and got into his stance. “So who wants to be the first Drakos-El bastard to fall to Stormstriker!”

The End

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