Chapter 7:Mature

The smell of burnt rubber settled through out the air as I lifted my head from the steering wheel. There were several cars who had nearly hit us scattered about who merely flipped us the bird and proceeded to take off.

"Fucking New York people." I thought

"Oh my god my eye." squealed Beth.

"Shit I’m bleeding" Jess shrieked.

I snapped out of my confused state as if their screams was an alarm going off in my head. Colie was sitting there in her calm state already turned about trying to reassure them that everything was going to be alright and it was just a fender bender. Although it wasn’t exactly a small one. Beyond the car I could see the other three girls stepping out of the SUV. Which unlike our car, was barley even damaged. Lucky bitches. By this time traffic had began to pile up on the street and the unfriendly motorist protested their anger with their horns. I turned a blind eye to the other people and focused on the other girls as they approached.

"Shit I’m so sorry, I thought you were going to run it." spoked the driver as cool and collected as she cold be.

"Well clearly she didn’t. What were you thinking." Colie from the passenger side.

"I’m sorry."

"Well look here bitch, I’m friggin bleeding and I’m from RMM and we have a party later tonight so sorry isn’t going to fix this one, who the hell do you think you are anyways." bawled Jess.

"Okay I know, I know. But what the hell was I suppose to do. My girls are freakin to you know."

 After a few deep breaths I explained for the other girls to follow us to the vacant lot a block over so we could short the situation out as quick as possible. We still had to get to Lady Luck out of all things and time was really running thin. As we pulled away Tanya mentioned she got the license plate just incase they took off. It was one of the best idea’s I think she had come up with yet.

"Well isn’t this great there go our jobs, seriously what are we going to do we just wrecked the companies new car." Tanya questioned.

"Tanya, well figure it out in a second."

 We pulled with the others still behind. Jess was the first to hop out the car and examine the damages. I opened the door and stepped out noticing how much my neck and head truly hurt. This wasn’t good. Colie sat with the Tanya, and Beth while me and Jess went to handle the situation. The SUV came to a halt and the girls popped out.

"Are you ladies okay." I asked

"Yah, fine, what about you?"

"No we are not!" Jess budded in.

"Okay Jess back to the car and tell Colie to get over here." I ordered.


"Yes we are fine, and the truck should be too, I wish I could say the same for your car, like I said Im really sorry and I want to apologize even though it wont changed what happened."

Just then Colie walked up.

"K here’s what has to done we are all going to have to figure this out later because I just got off the phone with our agent and he’s waiting for us at Lady Luck to get our dresses and get back to the house like, right now!"

"What, he’s there, he shouldn’t be?"

"Yes! Jord we can’t afford to f’ this up anymore, we have to go now, and you girls are going to drive us if you really want to help us out, k?"

"Oh my god, yes of course, anything."

"K everyone grab your stuff put the top up on the car, lock it and get the fuck in the truck."

"Geeze...Okay Colie."

"How about I get them to tow it too?" offered the driver.

"Sure, but we gotta fly, call them on the way."

On any other occasion there would be hardly any room for 8 girls in a truck but considering this we really didn’t have a choice if we wanted to keep our jobs. At least I was hoping we would be able too. During the trip the driver who was Amy, and the other girls, Michelle and Alice decided to come by later the evening so we could discuss how to sort this all out, all a while trying to keep this off of Eddies radar.

 "Where do you guys live, so I can tell them to drop the car there."

"8573 Kape Road, and the garage number is, 1336, tell them to put it in there so our agent can’t see it."

"You actually live there, my gosh."

I suppose Amy was a little more concerned about the accident then she had previously had let on because unlike before she moved slowly through the streets of New York making all us that little more anxious. Time meant more money and we had totally run out of it. We continued to converse with the other girls trying to figure out all the details before we made it to Lady Luck. As we had figured out, Amy was going to pay for all the damages, thank god! She was also nice enough, or sorry enough to be our personal chaufer to and from the party location, considering now we had no apparent means of transportation. All we had to do was conceal the accident until tomorrow when the Porshe would have to be inevitably taken care of. We finalized everything including names and numbers as we became increasingly close to our destination. My stomach began to turn in discomfort as the Cadillac pulled aside the curb. We assumed Eddie had given up standing out side like a moron waiting for his girls and was more then likely pacing around the store getting ready to shove the outfits in our faces as soon as we walked in. I didn’t doubt it for one second. Jess and Tanya did the best they could to cover up their bruises and scratches, even though they were considerably minor. It was all we could do under the circumstances.

"We’ll see you in a hour top’s" I directed Amy and the others as I leaped out of the SUV.

"No worries, I’ll cya soon, I’ll park around back." she replied.

Colie was already near the door with the other girls reminding them to remain calm. I hadn’t the vaguest idea how we were going to pull this off but we had no choice in the matter when Eddie saw us walking in.

"What the hell took you so long?" he near shouted.

"There was no where to park. Colie replied

"God dammit girls we’re 20 minuets late, just park out front next time!"

Wow, we weren’t as late as I had expected. Good thing too. Eddie and the rest of the employees of Lady Luck shuffled us about to various change rooms tossing clothing at us in a frenzied mess. I was given a red dress with white pump heels to wear to the evening event. I lurked about waiting for the others to finish up as I glanced at a few pieces of clothing I wanted to charge to the company card, what the hell. Today seemed rough enough and nothing seems to fix any situation more then shopping.

"What do you think?"

"Nice one Colie, your going to look better then me!" I gestured.

"Haha, no we’ll make a great team."

I carried on looking at shoes, hats, bags and glasses while the others took an excessive amount of time to try on their outfits. Lady Luck was the highest end of personal retailers in N.Y. You were privileged to even step foot in the building, as if it was holy ground itself. They catered to the rich and famous, the rock and pop icon’s and others who were just known for being known. Personally I didn’t exactly fit into any of the categories people used to classify the wealthy and popular. But all of us knew that it was only a matter of time before we covered the pages of the most elite magazines and became international jet-setters. The far left change room opened and revealed Jess wearing a black low cut gown, trimmed in beautiful delicate rhinestones. Above her eye was a tiny cut that you still noticeably see. Her bangs did cover the majority of it but it then again gashes on foreheads was clearly not one of the jet-setter trends we so badly wanted to conceive. Jess walked over.

"He noticed Jordan. Eddie asked where it came from." she sputtered obviously worried.


"I just told him it was from last night when I was all wasted. He wasn’t impressed because I’m a minor and shouldn’t even be going out and all that lecturing stuff, the whole bad publicity thing. Think I’m going to get cut?!"

"You can’t remember, we are on a contract and besides that, you’re the one with the most mail right!"

You could see a smile start across her pale face. I knew she felt better.

"Don’t worry about it, did he see her bruises yet?"

"She hasn’t come out, I think she’s to scared to."

"Just tell him you two were partying a little to hard core last night and it won’t happen again. He’s right about the publicity though, none of us can afford that. If were bad then the news is going to be too. Then we’ll lose our jobs for sure."

 Jess went back to the rooms to tell Tanya how to confront Eddie. All we had to do was play it safe for a while. No more intense nights out, well, for tonight at least. I doubt they would want to be seen more then what was needed until they healed up anyways. Then undoubtably things would return to the usual. They always tended to do that. Colie joined me after she handed her outfit to one of the other employees.

"Are the others done?"

"They should be soon enough." she answered

"Hey, look at this it’s so cute." Jess motioned from across the store.

She was holding a small yellow shirt with chrome tacky writing. It was anything but cute. Cute in a garbage can maybe or maybe even in the "Worst Dressed" pictures you would see in magazines but certainly not on her. But then again Jess did dress, very, uniquely to say the least.

"I’m gunna get it."

Shopping evidently was a cure for anything. I smiled in her direction and gave her a thumbs up with the one hand I had free of clothes.

"You getting all that Jord?"

"Hey, if it cures the whiplash then most defiantly." I replied

She just laughed as we lofted our clothes on to the payment counter. I could hear Tanya talking to Eddie in the background clearly she wanted to confront him before he spotted the bruises on her face, I guess it gave her the advantage. The cashier rang in all Colie’s and my recent finds which consisted of numerous shirts of every style and colour, some cashmere pull overs, dark studded belts, 2 pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes, now those were something I called cute! And a few more random accessories such as hats, earrings and bracelets.

"Is that everything for you Ms. Berkem?" asked the cashier.

"Yes I think that’s all thanks."

"Okay Ms. Berkem that will be $ 8,624 on your RMM account, can I have your card please?"

I passed it over. I had no problem charging anything to the account after all they had purchased a new Porsh another nine grand wasn’t going to matter at all. They folded the clothes with extreme detail and placed them into bright silver bags with the red Lady Luck logo. I had asked the girl to put a few separate shirts into other bags for Amy, Alice and Michelle. If shopping could make us feel better then it would help settle their worries as well. I scooped up the bags and stepped outside to have a smoke, my second useless talent. It had turned out to be a gorgeous day in the city despite all the chaos. The dark days had turn the corner right into spring and for the first time I considered what summer with Risque Model Management might be like. Busy, was the first thing that popped into mind. Beth had heard through the grape-vine that every summer between July 15-20th there was always a huge fashion show usually located on one the most lavished yachts, casing all the big time designers and artist. Fun would be a more appropriate term to describe what the summer held in store, until then I could only imagine.

Not wanting to stand around motionlessly dragging back a smoke I took a stroll over to the coffee shop located several stores down. I purchased a large black coffee from the pretty Barista, pulled up a seat outside on the patio chairs and waited. N.Y is full of hustle and bustle but a slow Sunday seemed to calm everything. Over the high rises and buildings you could see the radiant sun beginning to settle down for the evening. There was a peace about it all until a car horn ruined that one moment of beautiful bliss.

The End

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