Chapter Six:Mature

"So what the hell is it Jord?" They both asked simatainiously

I read the contents.

"They want me to go to model for them."

"Who?!" Colie asked as she reached for the discarded envelope. "California, no freaking way, but you can’t even go!"

"Whoa, I know. And I never I was even going. So chill out."

"Yah Jord, besides your under a contract, just like us. You aren’t allowed to just take off and if you do they make damn sure you don’t get paid. It’s that simple." Beth added in.

"Guys, I read the paperwork. I’m actually surprised you two even did." I joked

"Not funny Jord."

"It’s not even a big deal, I like it here with everyone and Eddie is great and treats all of us like gold how could things get any better. So can we please not let this ruin our day, and let’s not tell Eddie about this one, k."


I finished my breakfast, left the girls at the table and went to put the letters in a box along with the others. On the way to the room I tossed the bright envelopes on Jess’s bed. I was sure it wouldn’t be long before I would be critizes again for the lack of letters. Jessica made it very clear that she was the most popular. Although by now I was used to it.

I decided to take this quiet morning as a opportunity to try to get some considerable house work done. Knowing very well that Colie and the others had become to accustom to the life of a model to be bothered with daily chores. I didn’t mind though. I suppose I can thanks my parents for barely ever being around for this useless trait. I popped in a CD and prodded about the room throwing clothes into the hall way to be washed. Ironically enough I found half the clothes we had all been searching for, for so long. It wasn’t a surprise. The day ticked on to mid afternoon and I was quite satisfied with the amount of work I had accomplished. The others spent the day pool side with drinks in hand and still brought up the crazy antics of the night before. I couldn’t be bothered. Over the music I could hear my phone buzzing off in the distance. I ran to the lounge barley catching the last ring in time before it hit the answering machine.


"Hey Jordan it’s Eddie how are you doing today."

"Good just finished cleaning the room and whatnot."

"Cleaning, haha I sure hope you didn’t break a nail." Eddie spoke surprisingly sincere.

"That’s not funny, so what’s up?"

"Where are the others, they aren’t picking up?"

"Sitting outside by the pool."

"Great, are they drinking?"

"Well it’s like breathing for them so I’m assuming they are."

"Shit! Okay well tell them to stop because something has come up. I need all of you to get to Lady Luck with in the next hour or so. There’s some dresses I have told them to put aside for you all. There’s some premier tonight at a place just outside of town and they have asked for you to all show face. And you can’t be all washed out before then okay. So tell them to get their little assess inside and get ready to go."

"Geeze alrighty then, I just hope they don’t kill the messenger."

"You got that."

"Sure do, when’s our driver going to be here?"

"Oh yes about that, there is no driver, it’s Sunday."

"No driver, how the heck are..."

"You can drive right?"

"Umm ya, since I was like 4."

"Good you drive over there then I’ll get the company to drop off the new car we got okay, awesome, perfect. Call me when your done. Chow."


All I heard was the dial tone. Eddie was gone. I was still standing there when Jess slid open the sliding doors.

 "Jordan are you coming in the pool."

"No we have to go."

"What, where, it’s our day off!" Jessica whined

"Apparently not. We have to go get some dresses at Lady Luck and shit."

"Damnit!, I’m already half wasted."

"Then sober the up we have to go really soon, and apparently I’m driving."

"You drive, w.t.f is going on."

"I dunno, duty calls I guess. Grab the others and I’m going to change I can’t be seen like this."

"But I’m sooo wasted."

"Then stop being a baby and do a line or something, I’m sure that will sober you up."

"How the hell do you know that Jord?" she said seriously.

"Last night, remember?"

"Right, okay, gotcha. K I’ll grab the bitches and we’ll go."


Half a hour later we found ourselves pilled into the Porsh, top down, me behind the wheel and ready to go. It wasn’t the quickest we could of gotten ready but then again 5 girls attempting to decide what to wear is never a easy task, of course right! Jess tossed up a few CD’s she grabbed before darting out the door and before no time we were cruising down the road with some beats. We drove about the city laughing and giggling like little school girls acting completely careless and obscene. We finally hit a red light at Bloome Drive and Chester, but I think the dolls could agree that it wasn’t a complete waste of a few moments because we were accompanied by several high rollers in a Cadillac to the left. I crossed eyes with the driver and she returned the flirtatious contact with a smile. Tanya was sitting nearest to the other occupants of the SUV and took the chance to exchange numbers before the light changed green. We both reved our engines then I threw the Porsh threw the gears on the empty New York side street with the SUV in pursuit. The race was on. From the back seat of the car the girls screamed and encourage the dangerous stunt. Confident with my ability to maneuver in and out of traffic I was surprised that I could spot the Cadillac trailing behind playing the game we had set. Continuing to driving like a maniac I dodge the others on the road while trying to beat the next light. It was a stop or go choice. I guess I wasn’t confident enough to blow it. I slammed on the breaks just as the Cadillac came crashing into the rear of the brand new company car.


The End

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