Chapter 5:Mature

"You guys are so adorable" Beth spoke in the morning light.

I opened my eyes to Beth sitting on the end of Colies bed. Beth looked wide awake to my surprise most likely because of her coffee in hand.

I rolled over and saw Colie still sleeping behind me. Frankly I forgot I had fallen asleep there.

"You guys have fun." Jess said in provocative manner as she peered in the doorway.

"Your weird" I said as I tossed a pillow towards her direction.

She simply chuckled resulting in waking up Colie.

"Good morning girls." Colie spoke half asleep.


We all acknowledge her except for a still unconscious Tanya. I dragged myself out of the warm bed still wearing my half fallen off bathing suit and made my way across the room over to sleeping beauty. I nudged her face gently and with no reaction after a few moments I began to search for something a little more useful. At the end of my bed was a pink boa lavished with expensive feathers from another photo shoot. I picked it up and traced it over her face. That seemed to have got her attention. Tanya sat up and glared at me with mangled hair and extremely blood shot eyes.

"What the hell was that for" she protested.

"Last night you dork"

"Shit." That was all she said as she turned over away from her crowd.

It was Saturday morning and a glorious one at that. In contrast to the pervious hours everything was calm and all you could hear were the whistling of birds most likely bathing themselves in the fountain just outside the room. As suddenly as we had all just awoke. The pleasure of the silence was broken.

"Shotty shower." Colie barked as she immediately jumped out of bed and darted to the vicinity of the large shower. The other two girls chased behind her trying to stop her on the way. No luck, apparently they had to settle the two smaller ones next to the large steam shower. With Tanya still curled up in bed I rummaged around the sorry excuse of a room trying to find something to wear. A white see through wife-beater was going to have to be pared with some fake ripped jeans. I looked like NY trash but in another sense, it was hot. Glancing in the mirror to double check I was reassured.


The clock in the kitchen had read 9.37. We had slept in. As far as I knew we had nothing on the agenda today but really no one knew what could pop up at any time. I turned on the T.V trying to drown out the other girls laughter and giggles. For my headache was persistent as ever. I had now been here for some time now and I still doubted everything a various points. As much as I didn’t want to admit it I started to become something I never dreamed I could have been. Since the other dolls have arrived they seemed to receive continuous streams of letters from their family and friends. And now fans as well. That seemed to becoming increasingly popular lately. Like everyday the mail came per usual. Stacks of letters arrived full of brightly colored envelopes and packages. And like everyday today was no different. I got up and gathered the pile that covered the mat at the front door and wandered towards the showers.

The mist from the showers still lingered in the air as I continued down the hall. Apparently Jess and Beth were faster then Colie. They were in their rooms chatting amongst themselves while attempting to clean the unsightly room.

"Mail ladies"

"Yay, I win again!" shrieked Jess.


"Jess always gets the most letters, I think it’s because she always looks like a tramp, but then again I could be wrong."

"Shut up Beth, your just jealous."

"Jealous, of those thunder thighs!" She joked pointing at Jessica’s legs.

Jessica just replied by throwing a sweater at her head. "Thunder thighs" I thought, looked more like twigs to me! Unlike Jess, I had only received 6 pieces of mail. I suppose that made me dead last. I left the girls and walked over to the showers. The steam continued to pour over the top as I sat on the counter waiting for Colie to finally get out.

"What the hell are you doing in there Colie?" I yelled.

"Wouldn’t you like to know Jord."

"Oh god, just get outta there I have mail for you."

"WHAT." she yelled.

"I SAID I have..".

Colie shut the shower off as soon as I began to yell the rest of the sentence.

"I’m just kidding Jord." she said as she open the door. "What did I get this time?!"

"How am I suppose to know? It’s your mail not mine."

She just laughed.

"Pass me a towel you fool."

I grabbed a white fluffy towel hanging up and passed it through the open door. Then gave her the huge pile of mail as she stepped out of the shower.

"Nice I got a lot this time, but here’s a tip, just chuck out the pink, yellow, purple, and light blue envelopes they are usually just from fans and say nothing more then, let me quote "I LOVE YOU". It’s a waste of time and energy. Just give them to Jess and let her read them over she likes to compar them to hers, seriously".


"Yah she doesn’t have any family so she relies of her fans to get her going, if you know what I mean."

I sat there thinking about the shocking similarity between Jess’s and my situation as she stood beside me glancing through her envelopes. I hoped down and went to get coffee with Colie behind me. Beth was in the kitchen already making breakfast that consisted of a fruit smoothie and eggs. It certainly wasn’t the breakfast of champions but it was a models breakfast. No doubt that’s what she was going for.

"Want any?" She asked.

I gave Beth a nod of acceptance. She grabbed a plate of and placed it on the table along with her poo green looking smoothie. Colie joined us at the table.

"So what did everyone get this morning." asked Beth while slurping her poo-smoothie.

"Umm..I got some from the fam back home. Lets see here, my baby sister is pregnant with her trailer trash boy friend and my mom is still in rehab. I guess nothing really changes where I come from, but then again that’s a small town for you. God don’t you hate that."

"Hey I know what you mean." I spoke calmly.

There was a awkward silence that followed my few words. I sat there in my own little world half wishing I had received some sort of word from home. But I didn’t. All these days away from Jeferson, I questioned if they even know that I had left. I doubted they even noticed the lack of my presence. There was a brush against my arm I turned cheek and saw Colie and Beth peering at me with some confusion.

"You alright baby girl?"

"Yah, yah, I’m fine, just thinking."

The silence continued as I started to finally look through my mail. There were to my surprise several boldly colored letters from fans as I assumed. I sat them down planning on giving them to Jess, before I saw another piece that read, "California Modeling Agency". I preceded to open it with the two pairs of eyes staring at me curiously.

The End

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