Chapter Four:Mature

I wasn’t pleased with myself but it happened. I wasn’t that virgin girl anymore. It was done.

"That’s my baby-girl." Colie said with a kiss on the cheek as we walked out bathroom.

The hall way look more enormous then when we had first entered the bathroom. To no exaggeration I felt good. I was pumped as I danced my way out towards the other dolls. They had taken their respective seats in the booth with a series of people who had joined as occupants.

"What no room for us?" I started off.

"Ha, you look like you feel like a million bucks now Jord." yelled Jess.

Also looking suspiciously at Colie. I just snickered

"You can’t just go corrupting her Colie, she’s to cute."

"Stop calling me cute. Fuck I’m not a cute kitten."

"May as well be hun" they laughed.

"Whatever, if I’m going to be a cat I’m going to be a bad one." I stated.

"Lets go with crazy cat." some random guy spoke with a slight sexiness.

"Alright everyone calm down it’s fine, we love you Jord, you crazy cat so let’s let it go."

In considering their was no room for me and Colie we made the others squish together and I sat on her lap. The night was definitely getting late but it really didn’t faze us in any retrospect, we didn’t have anything planned tomorrow or not that I could remember any how. I was curious where Garth was but in the state I was in I think he had just planned for us to have some fun. No work involved. We sat and gabbed for a bit taking in the nights events and sharing our stories with our new acquaintances. From what I noticed the club had begin to simmer down. Not noticing our bartender anymore I figured we had worked him hard enough and decided upon getting my own drink. I stood up and left the crew behind me as I made my way down the stairs for the first time this evening. It wasn’t a easy task but I made it with out falling over my 3 inch heels.

I parted my way through the crowd who was defiantly still existent. The bar’s line was not as long but I waited for a few moments deciding what I wanted. I ordered a double Cran and Vodka from the new bartender who wasn’t a guy but a girl this time so I wasted no time in making my way back to the group, taking a sip of the strong drink as to not spill it I looked up as a bumped into a large black shirt. Despite my fumbled efforts the drink sloshed on myself as well as the guy. Knowing I was tall I was daunted by his apparent hight. He looked at me furious and grabbed the strap of my dress.

"Who the hell do you think you are bitch!" he exploded.

"Well if you weren’t such a huge pig maybe you would have a easier time getting by me, fuck!".

He was furious. I pressed some buttons maybe I shouldn’t of. I wanted to walk away but I couldn’t. He hadn’t let go of my dress and it was beginning to tare.

"Okay asshole let me go you really don’t know who you are dealing with.."

"Really, all I see is a crack addicted whore and her friends?" he boldly stated.

Just then the music ceased.

"Last call." a man yelled.

Totally unsure what to do I did the only thing I was able to do. I threw my drink directly into his face.

A moment passed and just as fast as I doused him with my Vodka I felt the impact of the back of his hand hitting the left side of my face. Even more dazed then I had been previously I slugged him back with all the strength I could muster up. By this point people had started to stare, it was no longer mistaken as a beef between a girlfriend and boy friend. Slightly satisfied I began to walk away.

"To bad your just a crack head like the rest of your friends." he yelled.

I couldn’t let it go.

"You want to say that to my face" I spoke as I swivelled around back in his direction.

Just before I was ready to slap him again. Someone hit him first not like I had before but with the effect of a full fisted punch.

I thought I was the only one involved in this. I said to myself.

I turned back around and seen the three other girls standing in a U behind me. Instead of Colie standing there with them she was the one who had laid the punch itself.

In awe I backed up with the rest of the girls and let Colie strip this guy good and raw. If I hadn’t known better I’d say he was about to piss himself. Moments later Colie turned on a dime grabbed my hand and started for the door. The rest followed in tow.

"Well that was interesting." I said up to Colie

She just looked down at me until we got out of the club. As soon as we made it past the crowd standing out side in search for a sober ride home we stopped.

"You are a crazy cat". Jess laughed.

"It wasn’t my fault."

"Easy girls, we need to go home".

 In general we made it home un scaved. Like I was a comedian our limo driver looked at me and laughed. Maybe it was a ritual to take the new girl out. Seriously I didn’t know but I had fun, for the most part. The night had been a odd one but I was glad to be home. We walked up the drive and into our palace. In my impaired state the house looked like we had left it, it was now 2:34 in the morning. To my surprise we all thought it was much later.

"Hot tub anyone?" Tanya asked, slurring her brilliant idea.

"Yah maybe it will give baby-doll over hear time to chill out!" Looking at me.

We all made our way to our separate rooms down the hall past the TV’s and bars. I ransacked my drawers to inpatient to deal with the growing mounds of clothes. One thing we could of used was a house keeper they seem to have included everything but left that idea in the gutter. I randomly found my pink and purple bathing suit and figured it was going to have to do. I searched around for my glasses and discovered them strewn on Colie’s night stand. Colie snagged a black diamond bathing suite. It looked like she has taken it from the racks of a shoot that we did before. It didn’t really matter she looked hot.

"I’ll meet you in there" She said

I stood in front of the mirror looking at myself with a little bit of self doubt and put on my glasses. To an extent I thought I might still be joking myself with this new life but figured I had made it this far so that was that. The girls were sitting in the hot tub with a few bottles of wine, smokes and undoubtedly more of what I recently sampled in the bathroom back at Huckel. The music was in the background and for the first time in hours we got to relax.

"Look a sexy secretary" Beth motioned.

"Common guys, seriously!" I pleaded.

"What are we going to do with you girly. You seemed to prove yourself well tonight. I think we are just going to have to keep you around for a little bit longer sweetie." proposed Colie.

"Don’t you mean crazy cat" piped Tanya still messing her words about

The hot tub obviously wasn’t helping her state.

"Or I think you mean baby-doll." Jess insisted. "I’ve never seen a girl get so many nicknames in one night. Shit!".

"Okay...that’s enough, what’s done is done. Anyways I’d like to propose a toast to some fucking amazing friends."I winked at Colie. "Here’s to getting me into trouble and saving my ass at the same time okay, Cheers bitches".

We all slammed back two more shots along with a few more glasses of wine. After a few hours of some garbled conversation between us intoxicated glam girls, someone had the bright idea of getting Tanya to bed. She had seemed to acquire a large speech impediment due to the amount of drugs and alcohol in her small system. It was apparently nothing out of the ordinary she just needed to sleep it off. By this point Beth and Jess had past this burden off to me and Colie as they said they wanted to hit the hay just five minutes before the task was decided to be undertaken. Colie propped herself up on the side of the hot tub as I leaned over to shove Tanya towards the correct direction. That failed. Instead of her moving to the best position she flopped down under the water. I quickly retrieved her clumsy body as Tanya tried to apologize for the inconvenience. I laughed. We finally got her out of the tub with her limp in the middle of the two of us. I was trying to carry glasses and bottles at the same time. I guess that wasn’t the brightest idea. We slowly dragged her past the Lounge towards our room considering everything in my hand and the fact it was actually a lot closer, or so it seemed at the time. Colie and I placed her on my bed as I went to put the rest of the items in the kitchen. Only moments later when I returned I found that Tanya had past out on my bed and there was no reasoning with her in regards to getting her down the hall to her room. Slighty stressed and drunk I sat with Colie on her bed trying to come up with a reasonable plan of attack to move her what seemed lifeless body to her room. I lied my head down on her bead waiting for some eureka moment to come upon me. But before I knew it was asleep.

The End

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