Chapter 3:Mature

12:16 am and I think Tanya was already seeing double, or maybe triple for that matter. She was equivalent to the size of the pole she was dancing on with Colie right there beside her. For the peering eyes that followed every movement they made you could assume they were well trained strippers just out for a little practice between shows. Beth and Jess were well on there way too. They sat relaxed back as the bartender continued to bring shot after shot to the ever growing mound of empties on the table.

"Jordan get that skinny ass of yours over here and do these with us, right now!" Jess slightly slurred.

"You sexy ladies too, get down here." yelled Beth over the music.

With a half stumble Tanya plunked herself down next to me and scootched me over towards the other girls. I looked up at Colie and rolled my eyes with a excited but skeptical look of no good. She pranced down from her entertaining post at the pole and took a seat across from me, tilted over and whispered something to Jess. Tanya tapped my leg, curious to know what they were gossiping about. Not that she was sober enough to understand anyways. I soon discovered their devious plan.

"Jordan, here’s the deal." Colie declared. "If you can do this shot I’m getting for you your off the hook for dancing on the pole for tonight. But...If you can’t do it, well then you better believe me baby your going to be up there shaking it!"

I really had no choice in the matter. I don’t think it would of even mattered if I had said no because before the exotic song came to an end that poor bartender of ours was once again making his way up the stairs and placed some crazy flaming two ounce shot down in front of me.

I later found it was a Prayer Fire, some indication of what was yet to come. With a few yells and screams from my inebriated counterparts I threw the shot back. With all my might I tried to keep the silly thing known as gage reflex from acting up. Trying to save myself from a embarrassing episode of toilet rendevous I tried to keep the horrid thing down. No good. Putting my pride aside I staggered up and jetted to the restroom. Maybe it was the tabasco or well who even knows it might just have been the tequila. But either way it certainly didn’t stay down.

Moments later I stolled out of the bathroom with a little evil grin on my face as if I was ready to kick some serious ass. I slid up to Colie like a girl would in the passenger seat of her boy friends new pimped out ride.

"Lets go" I said as I poked her.

I grabbed her hand and dragged her up to the pole. I knew the deal. But that really didn’t matter I just wanted a good excuse to dance up there like the rest of them. I had taken half the girls by surprise. So I couldn’t handle the shot but this is one thing I could defiantly do. The night was just beginning and so was I. The shots continued to come, naturally I followed in suit. Before I could tell what was a dream from reality. There was a circle formed around us that composed of guys but ironically enough mostly girls.

Lights continued to flash and the beat kept the erotic game of cat and mouse alive. From my vantage point I could see the small crowd continued to grow and before soon enough we turned out to be the life of the party. Naturally I assumed. Beth, Tanya and Jess sat inpatiently as if they were waiting for their moment to shine gossiping between themselves like little school girls. The pulsing sound of bass and techno was all to riveting but between the rowdy crowd and my poor jellow legs I knew I needed a break. I pranced down as the music let up ever so slightly. A huge sigh of dismay could be heard over the drunken crowd. Colie gave them a entreating glare and instructed them not to be such pigs.

A large guy in black collard shirt and trendy jeans didn’t appreciate that. At all.

We sat with the other ladies while they waited for their cue song until they took their anticipated positions on stage. It was a song that we all knew, and so did the crowd. "Crazy Bitch".

"Oh Geeze", I thought to myself as me and Colie high-fived them as the bounced together up on stage.

"Here we go ladies and gents!" Colie announced to the ever growing spectators.

I looked at her.

She locked eyes with mine.

"Bathroom?" She asked.

I always did wonder why girls could never go alone. Just habit I thought though. Or maybe it was a reinsurance thing. Who knew.

I stood up and steadied myself against a metal bar. With half a stagger I slid out from the table with Colie searching for her sparkly purse slowly in pursuit. Once I was completely parallel with rest of the occupants in the club I finally wondered how long until I was going to be horizontal rather then parallel. The amount of booze I had consumed was a rather daunting feat trying to recall. I quickly forgot my train as Colie brushed by me en route to the bathroom. After I didn’t move she turned and grabbed my hand. As if I was a child to freaked out to enter the doctors office. Slightly dazed and certainly needing the assistance of Colie we made our way down the hall towards the restrooms.

The room itself was made up of bright pink neon lighting and flashing pin up girl signs. I suppose I didn’t notice them previously when I had my unforgettable meeting with the toilet. She plopped her purse on the counter and began to search though the contents inside. While she continued to deal with the purse issue I went to one of the stalls. It took me a few brief moments to figure out the lock but eventually I gave up. Colie was so tall I could see her over the top of the stall. I could also hear her fussing with something on the counter too. After reading some random scribble of the stall walls I leaned against what I forgot was a unlocked door I pushed open the door and almost fell right into Colie’s rear end. She was bent over the counter. In the drunken state I was in it took me a few moments to figure out what was going on as I struggled to regain my balance.

Colie glanced up at me from her bent position.

"What?" she questioned.

Staring at her in a very confused look. She broke the silence.

"Awe your to cute. I forgot how much of a virgin you are."

That’s one thing I certainly didn’t appreciate. I may have been younger then a lot of the other girls and maybe I was even a little more inexperienced but I didn’t take kindly to hearing it.

"Screw you I’m not a child." I boasted

"Then prove it."

I hesitated. In reality I wanted to be like them, to be accepted. Maybe it was how intoxicated the evening had made me but I felt obligated to do it.

Other girls had wander into the bathroom but not a sole had even regarded to the happenings between me, Colie and the coke. I may as well have been putting on my makeup because no one thought twice. So if they didn’t then neither did I. With Colie standing on the side lines like a coach. I did my first line of coke.

The End

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