Chapter Two:Mature


The camera’s were flashing at the brilliant smiles left, right and center. Clothes and makeup booths where stationed everywhere. It was a perfect paradise filled with the best dressed or undressed models from all over the world. I’d been in the business for over 2 years. I had been exposed to the real and the surreal. The drugs, outfits, glamour, and sex, it was all apart of the game I had come to learn. First thing you notice is, if you can’t handle it get out while you can, other wise it will grow to become a part of you and you’d never be able to let it go. Modeling was like a drug to me. Through the eyes of the average girl. It’s all fame and stardom. You think you’re in the most ideal position anyone could ever ask for. You think, you’ll live for ever in the eyes of your beholders. But that’s just what they think. Until that high pedestal you walk on every day crushes beneath the pressures of your world.

Eddie Heart was my agent, and a good one at that. From the age of seventeen he discovered me in Jeferson at a small town casting call. I figured the only reason they stopped there was to take a break from the all that road food and traveling. Although that stop is something I am certainly grateful for. Or maybe I regret it.

Jeferson mainly prospered on the old Walter Mill, named after it’s founder back in the 1870's or that’s what I was told. You honestly could step out on to the graded streets and look up and down and see all there was about to see. Trailer parks, a QuickMart, and a run down gas station. Yah, that was my home town. Growing up in a broken home was something that I’m sure strengthened my tough personality. With a abusive dad and a drunk for a mom took it’s tole but made me see how bad things could get. On one those really bad days I would prop myself on my window sill and swore I would never let my life be like that again. I had only just turned 17 when four pairs of flashy eyes examined every little ounce of me on that Sunday morning two and a half years ago.

I found out later that Eddie was the only one who wanted me. The three other staff of Risque Model Management thought I was a trailer trash girl with nothing to offer them. But I learned that Eddie had a lot of power and what he wanted, he got. Just three days later I found myself on a charted jet with Eddie and his assistant Julian who was extremely hot but clearly gay, bound to the fashion capital of the US, New York. The weeks that followed were a chaotic mess of people, paper work, pictures and fittings. Through out the long haul Eddie understood me and cared for me unlike no one had before. He insured me that I would be staying in a place girls had only seen in their dreams. In the back of a long black limousine we made out way through the streets full of high rises, lights, shops and things I simply had never seen. Eventually our driver pulled the car to slow hault and dashed around quickly to open the door for me and Mr. Heart as he was addressed by the up tight chauffeur . Eddie took my hand as I stepped out of the car. I glanced across the bright street until he spun me around to apparently what I should of been looking at. A house the size of my old town was looming before me as I stood there in shock. The entrance looked like a palace from magazine I had read back home. Together we wandered up the steps with our driver in tow with my little luggage.

The inside of the house was amazing as he showed me through the rooms that consisted of bars, flat screen TV’s located in lounges, luxurious rooms and just to top it off a pool and a hot tub. When we entered Social Lounge as it was called I was faced with four definitions of the word perfect. There sat four girls that looked like they had cat walked off the run way it’s self.

"Hey ladies, meet Jordan"

"Hey hun." a pale girl spoke in a soft voice.

"Jordan’s going to be your girls new roommate, I know you will make her feel welcome and comfortable, just show her ropes and what it means to be a Risque model, k girls?!"

I stood like a statue, motionless and scared. Like I was something people travel to see. As quickly as I was given the tour of my new humble abode Eddie turn and with a quick good bye and a few more instructions to the other girls walked through the door and was gone. The four looked at me confused and stunned by my presence and for a second I thought maybe I wasn’t worthy of this opportunity. Eddie believed in me, I mean why else was I here. So I sucked it up and made my way to the vacant love seat and sat myself there in a strong dominate position, hoping to hide my insecurity.

"Well if no one is going to take the time to introduce themselves I may as well. I’m Beth." said the girl with short dark hair.

I quickly responded.

"Hey, nice to meet you."

The rest of the dolls followed in suit. I learned I was also staying with Beth, the shy one who had said she traveled from some where far away but I never caught where. Then there was Tanya who was extremely into herself but yet, somehow very level headed. Jessica was a blonde who had dark grey eyes. I assumed she was the eldest of us all. And last but not least a girl named Nicole who just introduced herself with a big inviting smile. We sat in that room for close to a hour just sharing every small detail we had to share. The four had been there for about 2 weeks already and had clearly settled in.

Pictures of family and friends lined the walls of the bedroom claimed by Beth, Tanya and Jess. Between the line of alternating beds was a collage of clothes, sheets and the makeup. On every visible solid surface you could see empty wine bottles, glasses, and beer cans. Even the flowers on Beth’s night stand had obviously been neglected since the day she arrived. Proving their devotion to night life and partying. I found my bed was in the adjacent room with Nicole. The other room was slightly cleaner then the other room, but none the less it was still a mess. I threw my stuff on the bed and flopped down with a huge sigh.

"Long trip eh"

"If you only knew. I never thought I’d see a real bed again." I joked.

"Better get used to it girly, if your good and they decide to keep you you’ll be flying more then a flight attendant does in a year. It’s tough stuff but if you love it you’ll learn to deal with it".

I took in what I was explained to me and started to realize what I had just put myself in. These four lived for this and I was thrown into the whole mix of things so fast I never had time to puts things together.

The first few nights I spent in our sexed up frat house was what I typically had expected. The nights seemed almost calming and hold some. I guess I never considered those were the week nights.

The alarm clocks blared

"Juliannnn. I whispered from behind the screen."Are you serious!"

"Oh yes dear, quite serious. Now stop being so foolish, grow up and let me see!"

He poked his head around the screen, stared at me and cocked one eye brow up. I was assuming he was satisfied. Modeling naked in just a tie and underwear for a mens magazine was sure to sell, how could it not. Obviously that was the intent of it.

The set was set up to resemble "street vibes". Accompanied with chain link fences, a dirty garbage dumptser, a broken New York taxi cab and random newspapers scattered among Beth, Colie , Jessica, Tanya and myself. Garth Jennings was our photographer for the day. He was extremely successful and was very well known both locally and abroad. The whole situation seemed very relaxed, which surprised me. We were naked. But it’s not really that bad. We stood posing together. One flash after another. 75 frames later we were done.

"You rocked it out kid" Colie uttered as she walked away in her little out fit.

"Well it's actually easy, just about as easy as you!" I randomly joked

I wasn't completely sure wether the remark was going to taken open handedly or rejected in the worst possible way but by the  death look that had washed over Colie's face I assumed the worst. I honestly wished that I had the whole brain to mouth filter thing, but I rarely did, I was one of my down falls.

"Damn kid your lucky I like you other wise that would of been the last thing that ever came out of your mouth."


The threat was something I definatly could digest as I stood there in shock. I could truly filter this there was no doubt about that. Not knowing how to reply I did the only thing I was ever trained to do, smile!

"Oh my god, and how many times have you used that to get you outa shit?" she questioned.

"Uh.." I was busted. "To many times to count I'm sure."

"Well your thank god tonight, because your face is to cute to mess up anyhow."

"Thanks..I guess," I said as a rolled my eyes.

"Come on now ladies get it together were going heading to Huckle in 5."

Jaques pulled our car around front and waited for those dainty heels of ours to make our way down to the curb. The evening was still hot and you could see from where we stood the lights of the town coming alive with the series of flashes that were just so intriguing. Jaques hustled around the car, opened our door and placed us in the limo so dainty and carefully as if we were porcelain dolls. Huckle was owned by Jennings and apparently we classified as his own personal V.I.P hotties. Not nesisarly a bad thing, I was only 19ish at the time. The glowing limousine rolled up to the club entrance and we were graced by a series of finely dressed men in black suits along with enormous line ups to either side of us. Each of the men escorted us out of the limo and lead us to the entrance as if we were celebrities. After quite a few hollers and whistles through out the crowd we stepped inside.

"Are you ladies with Garth Jennings?" a buff bouncer spoke smoothly.

"No were Charlie’s Angles on a secret mission, what do you think! Now where’s Jennings VIP." pipped Colie.

"Well..." mumbled the nervous bouncer.

"If there’s a problem just go find Jennings." she yelled as she began to walk off.

Hand in hand we walked to the rear of the club. Past the staring eyes, the glances and smiles from the successful party goers. We looked at each other and just chuckled with a bit of cockiness. Our personal lounge was lined with modern fish tanks, expensive accessories, fogged glass windows all positioned over looking the club, and of course a stripper pole.

"Jordan hun. I hate to say it but I put 20 bucks down you’re the first one on that pole tonight."

"What the hell, no way guys."

"Beth’s right," said Jessica. "If anything you know it’s going to be Jord and Colie up there together before the nights over."

‘Yah I’ve seen the way you two are, but I then again I could be wrong."

"I think I deserve more credit then that girls come on now." spoke Colie

"Jesus, you girls are just crazy." I boasted. "Whatever that’s later and this is now and until then I think we all deserve some stiff drinks.

We made our way through the venue towards the glowing bar packed with people. Not a minute later I was standing face to face with the most drop dead sexy guy I had ever seen.

"What would you lovely ladies like to have."

I stood speechless for a few long moments, but I think I must have been gawking at him because Colie quickly budded in and took over the clearly unfunctional situation.

"Hi," she said blunt and confident. "We’ll take 10 shots of Liquid Cocaine right now then I know you can grab us you best bartender and tell him were here with Garth Jennings and we expect him to be running up drinks to V.I.P all night."

After some quick consideration and a glance toward me he spoke jokingly.

"You want it you got it. Here yah go girls." He announced with a smirk.

He lined up the shots, two for each of us and with a cheers and a smile we slid the empty shots across the glass bar.

"That’s how it’s done." Colie said to me as we made our way back to the booth. "It’s just another thing you’ll get used to. Were Risque Models but none the less we are still tough bitches, believe me."

We followed Beth, Jess and Tanya back up through the pulsing crowed to our booth. That sexy bartender must have taken what Colie had said to heart cause by the time we danced our way up to our lounge it was already stocked with enough booze to last what I thought would of been all night. Again I had no clue. 16 shots later and a bottle of wine. The night was just getting started.

The End

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