Risque: Freedom and FortuneMature

Chapter ONE :


The look in her eyes was something so unforgetable but something I will never forget. The way she sat in her confident and assured state across from me was so taunting but I knew deep down, I loved it. The waitress tossed the bill on the table as if to say we were not worthy of even her shitty service. But I passed it off as if it was meaningless. Because in reality I was used to it. The bill read 36.70$.

"That’s bullshit" I thought to myself

I didn't realize two cups of coffee and two stale deli sandwiches had accounted for the last of my savings. We needed to make it California on 13.30$ some odd dollars and thats something we just weren’t prepared or ready to do. Nicole or Colie, as I called her, took a casual glance up as I place the bill down on what looked like the 1970's table and new immediatly what I was thinking with her little sexy smirk. Beyond the shady doors was that little jeep of ours that we picked up from some gas station about 5 days back. I'm sure it's owner will grately miss his new baby. But really you just don’t leave a new Jeep ideling in the parking lot, right. We waited until that rat faced waitress of ours grabbed some plates and went to the back. We got up and strolled through the front doors like the thousand times we had before, but not with out Colie picking up a few bottles of water for the road. 11 days on the road and on the run and we never looked back. For what we had left behind was nothing, nothing but misunderstanding in a world we begged to forget.

It was high noon by the time we hit the gravel road on which we had turned off from only a matter of hours ago. The feeling of being with her and being free was something so refreshing and fasinating. Colie was 21, just shy of a year and a half older then me but that didn't matter. She was tall, gorgerous with dirty brown hair, and had this ora about her that intrigued even the most dull people. The dusty wind picked up causing a little shiver to spurt up my spine. She leaned back and grabbed her tight leather jacket and wrapped it around my shoulders with just that little extra care as if to say she knew it would be alright. She had the composed confident side and as for me, I had the more out spoken social personality. I was still one who could loose their temper on the flip of a dime or be set off from a few mire words. Either way I was not the one to take any crap from a single person, that even meant Colie, when we'd have it out about our future together. We were both young wild and completely comsumed by life in the moment. We just knew somehow some way we would end up in California eventually. Our heart was set there and as corney as it sounds our dreams would take us there.

A flickering sign was off in the distance and for the first time in hours of traveling on that filthy road our comforatble silence was broken.

"Stop or go" Colie said as I proceded to keep up speed.

I looked at her half dumb founded with a blank stare.

"What" I mumbled.

She reached over and turned down the hum of the country station that we could barely hear over the engine.

"I said, do you want to stop up ahead and get some rest hun, and switch up in the morning?"

Personally I wanted to keep driving because the air had turned cool and crisp. Really though, I knew she was right and that last thing I wanted to do was bicker, so I slowed the Jeep to a stop and cut the engine.

"Happy", I said with a tone of voice that she didn't quite appreciate.

With a sigh and a look she let it go and strolled off to book a room. I sat in the Jeep and took in a breath of fresh air. I looked around at the isolation of this greasy motel and realized no one could touch us now. And with that realization in mind I hobbled out and followed little miss model inside.

The lobby of the motel looked just like the trashy 1970's diner we had been eating in earlier. And seemed as if the only occupants that it had in the past year was the cockroaches that I'm sure inhabited the peeling walls. I brushed it off as scanned for Colie and found her flashing the owner with on of her priceless smiles. I could see he was melting from the inside out, but I knew she was with me and as usual just working her magic just get us what we wanted. And like always we had our room in a matter a moments, complete with all the static TV stations we wanted, a broken radio and some faded pictures of god who knows what. The one thing I was grateful for was that shower. I hadn't showered in a few days and as gross as we both felt we where in the same situation.

"You hoping in Colie? I yelled waiting for an answer. "Never mind I guess the clothes on the floor and the running water would answer my question then, eh" I thought.

"You coming Jordan?"

I sat on the bed still subconsciously wondering if this whole thing was still a good idea but I knew this is what she wanted and knew it's what I wanted, although there was always that little bit of hesitance in the back of my mind. The shower must have ran all my worries away because it was past 1:30am by the time we got out and even that little crummy bed looked amazing in the dim light. I can say it was the first time we had slept so peacefully together in 11 days.

The new day had come all to quickly as I sat up in the morning light. Colie was still asleep as I jumped out and wandered about the room making some cowboy coffee while attempting to pack up the little clothes we had. I poured the first into a Styrofoam cup and continued to for the second cup when I abruptly spilt due to the heavy knock beyond the door.

"House keeping."

House keeping, at this time. It’ was only 8:30 in the morning.

"Just a second." My suspicions were running high.

I paced to the dusty window and saw our Jeep still in the same location we had left it the night before the only difference being there were several patrol cars parked directly in front of the entrance.

"Colie get up" I tried to whisper.

She didn’t move. God that girl loved to sleep. Not that I was patient anyways but under these circumstances I yanked back the sheets and grabbed her arm.


"The cops are here we have to go, now". With complete emphasis on the now part.

With that thought finally secured in her mind she calmly got out of bed, to deal with the situation at hand still half dazed. I was frantically messing about the hotel room throwing everything I had towards the two story window. Once I was certain that I had found everything I began to pry open the old window. I looked out with Colie still fusing about behind me. We had a clear chance to jump, it seemed like a soft enough landing. At least I had hoped. The drums of the police could still be heard through the door as I leaned out and gestured Colie to do the same. I hit the ground with a huge impact that pierced my shins

The End

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