New Orders: Bomb Squard.

Screams of fear, of pain and of hate assaulted the ears of the five hundred Reapers. Standing in ridged alert, as the two years of merciless training taught them, the former criminals were aspects of death, arriving on an already torn battlefield. Fire reached high in the sky as it consumed and burned. A line of peacekeepers held off the enraged protesters as the Reapers disembarked.

"Men, hold lines!" shouted the Major. Standing in rows, they prepared. Wind and heat blasted the tough exoskeleton of their armor as a dropship landed nearby. A siren called, and suddenly the peacekeepers broke and ran, invoking a massive roar from the civillians. One of the peacekeepers ran up to James, shouting;

"They're your problem now, suckers!" He cackled in histeric laughter, running off to the dropship. James grimaced. Fortunantly, the harsh yet reassuring bark of the Major giving orders steeled his nerves.

"Men, open fire!" And with that, the Reapers were babtised in the blood of the protesters, and began the initiation to soul-void monsters.

Row upon row of the protesters surged forward, their bodies lining the dock. Blood spattered the Reapers, but they did not relent. Two years had selected the men who did not flinch from carnage, and now they were put to the test. Slowly, the surge died, and the attackers routed. James lowered his rifle, seeing no threat.

An armored vehicle arrived from one of the streets leading up to the dock, rumbling over corpses. It stopped, and a medium sized man wearing a suit stepped out. He cringed as he trod over the bodies. The Major looked at him oddly, as if in contempt.

"Major, i am Mr Uriel, Head Secretary to the NEC Security Taskforce. I have been sent here to update you on your orders. Unfortunatly, Detrement Corp has set transmission blockers around the city, and all radio transmissions are now impossible." The man spoke with a russian accent, and looked incredibly disgruntled by the fact he had been sent out here, and not some FedEx employee.

"You are to given multiple explosives, which are to be set at strategic points on the Alexander Hamilton Bridge, which is bearing rough ten thousand refugees, preparing to make a last stand. You are to destroy the bridge, then meet back here to recieve further orders from me.

The Major looked at him, then said;

"Your telling me to destroy a bridge carrying ten thousand people?"

"That is correct",replied Mr Uriel.

"Hell, let's get it on then."

The End

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