For James, killing was a sport. After ten long, grueling years upon that godforsaken prison, he was finally being set free. Ten years of solitude, of pain and misery. Can't say i'll miss it, he thought.

Before his capture he was a mercanery. Renowed for his ruthless methods, and obeing every order to the letter. His actions, however, were not sanctioned by the supposed NEC, who had appointed themselves rulers of the United Nations. His war crimes eventually led to his capture, and then being shippid off the face of the planet to spend the next gruesome decade of his life upon an orbiting prison.

He was a large man, heavily built, with thick shoulders and neck. Ten years in the hardest prison ever built means you'll die if you don't some muscle on you. Although theres not threat of other inmates coming for you, as all cells are locked from eachother, guards have a nasty habit of night attacks. Luckily enough, they sanction retaliation, probably to make it more fun.

The men had come on the seventh day of the tenth year. His time was for life, but they dragged him out of his cell and lined him up with 50 other inmates. What must've been an entire army of guards were lined up, their rifles at the ready. A small, balding officer with a handlebar mustache and a mismatched left eye paced infront of the guards.

"I supposed this is the first time you sick curs have been given leave of your cells. Well, for half of you, this nightmare will end, but for the other half" The officer smiled, his yellowed teeth gleaming faintly. "It's only just begun."

James could not get a good look at the room, browsing was an "offence" here. He had learned that on the first day here. Dim light come from a single neon bulb on the roof.

Laughter came from his right. James sneered. Jester. Again. He was a maniac, a sociopath who slew his entire family. But laughning now was a sure death wish.

"Who the hell do you think you are", the officer said quietly. Jester was from Arizona, so he spoke in with a yokel voice.

"You'se gotta funny eyes." If you focused enough, you could hear the dul grind of teeth. A vien stood out on the man head, pusling like a thick purple worm. No words were said. The room held it's breath.

The gun came from nowhere, much less the bullet. Jester was dead on the floor, headless. The officer held a small pistol of some kind. A few inmates flinched, and immediate rifle fire peppered those who showed discomfort at Jesters gruesome death. The inmate closest to Jesters corpse, Karl, stood like a rock, not moving, even as Jesters warm blood dripped from his body.

"As i said, the nightmare will end for some of you, but for the rest of you", he spat at Jame's feet. " It's only just begun.

On  that day, of the fifty inmates that went in, 39 died. Any who flinched from the gunfire were executed.

James went back to his cell. God knows what that man had in store.

The End

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