Rising voice

Alexa Mercado is a typical fourteen year old girl. Shining blonde hair, straight as a ruler. Piercing green eyes, almost matching her oily olive skin. WIth a body tall and slender, she looks like a developing model. Apart from her looks, Alexa has other special qualities to her, though she may not be aware of them, just yet. She awakens. the first words to come from her pinkish lips are "SPRING BREAK!" She rushes to her mac. Ever since her best friend Aaron got a mac, iChat had occupied about half of her social life. But in a few short days from now, (April 22nd, 2008) all of that would change. All that, and so much more. But let's focus on today for now. Of course, Aaron is on. But Alexa already knows that because it is past 10:30. Aaron is always on from 10:30 to 12:00. Looking for plans. She types to him "mall?" Waiting for a response, she runs to brush her ever-glistening teeth. When she comes back to her computer, Aaron has already begun walking over. After all, it's not all that hard to walk a quarter of a block. With a quick bite or two of an apple, Alexa is out the door. They meet midway. Off to the mall, they jog. Little does Alexa know, that her life is about to change for the better, and the worse.

The End

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