Chapter SixMature

We arrived at the bar fifteen minutes later. Alyssa was waiting outside and she smiled when she saw us. She was wearing one of Logan’s hoodies- I had given her three of them after the shooting, along with a pair of jeans. Her hair was loose and her fringe came down over her right eye. “Hey” she said, waving when she saw us. We each hugged her and then Camilla led the way up the line to the bouncer. He smiled when he saw her.

“Wassup Cam?” he asked, hugging her. “These two with you?” He looked at us.

“Hey André. Yeah they are”.

“Any friend of yours is a friend of ours” he said, stepping back and waving us through. We entered the building and went straight for the bar.

“He didn’t ask for ID” I said, incredulous.

“He knows me too well” Camilla said winking. She ordered two tequila shots; one for me and one for her, and a coke for Alyssa. “Cheers” she said, clinking her glass off mine and tossing it straight back her throat. I sniffed mine, wrinkled my nose and did the same. It burned like a motherfucker. I coughed for a moment and dropped the glass. It hit the ground but didn’t shatter. I bent down to pick it up, and when I was back upright Camilla had become engrossed in conversation with a blonde girl at the bar. They did a shot together and then the girl led Camilla away.

Alyssa shrugged her shoulders. “Must be introducing her to a guy”.

“But this is a gay bar I thought?”

“Maybe her straight friend came with her”.

“Or maybe Camilla fancies some experimentation”.

“Who knows with that one?” Alyssa joked. We found a table in the corner and sat down. I glanced around for any familiar faces. Nate, one of my best friends from school was dancing with his boyfriend, and I could see Tara; a girl from my class dancing with her group of friends.

“It’s great to not be a third wheel to Camilla for once” I said, smiling at Alyssa. “Although once my brother wakes up I’ll be fifth wheeling”.

“I’m sure that won’t be the case” she said. “We’ll find you a lovely boyfriend too Mia. Then we can double date… you know if Logan wakes up”.

“When Logan wakes up” I said, smiling. “And I wouldn’t be so sure, guys don’t like me- at least not enough to go out with me. They mostly just wanna fuck me and ditch me”.

“He is out there Mia. You’ll find him” she said, smiling.

“I hope so”.

Tara spotted me and ran over to our table. “MIA!” she screamed, her voice achieving new pitches under the influence of the alcohol coursing through her system. “WE HAVE TO TAKE A PHOTO!” she said. She pulled me up by the hand and took a selfie of the two of us, and then passed her camera off to Alyssa who took another photo of the two of us. “I love your skirt Mia” she said. She kissed me on the cheek and dragged me with her back to the dance floor. I looked back at Alyssa who smiled and waved me on before sitting back down. I allowed Tara to lead me to her group of friends. We danced around together; all five of us swaying with the music.

I pushed the hair from my eyes and glanced around; taking a breather from dancing for a moment. Camilla had entered the dance floor with the blonde and they were grinding against one another. As I watched, their lips found each other’s and within moments they were all over one another. My pulse quickened and I felt a lump in my throat. I ran outside into the smoking area and leaned against a wall, breathing quickly and deeply as a tear rolled down my cheek.

Nate arrived in the smoking area with his boyfriend and lit up a cigarette. He saw me and came over, putting a hand on my shoulder. “Hey Mia girl” he said, pulling me into a hug. “What’s up girl?” he asked. “You seem upset about something”.

“I-I don’t know… I just got choked up all of a sudden in there”.

“Is it a guy?” he asked. “Coz you know I’ll go beat that fucker for you if someone said something”.

“No… no it’s not a guy”.

He paused for a moment and something seemed to click in his eyes. “Is it a girl?”


“Is it a girl?”

“What do you mean?”

“Think about it” he said, hugging me again. “See you later Mia honey” he said, returning to his boyfriend.

The End

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