Chapter OneMature

The sequel to my story The Mind's Dance. Blackrock Institute has been shut down. Logan is in a coma. The story focuses on Mia; his sister and how she and their friends are dealing with Logan's absence from their lives.

“Look after her while we’re gone” Camilla said to boy number one as she disappeared around a corner with boy number two; the bottle of vodka in her hand. They had released the patients and shut down Blackrock Institute after the shooting; leaving Camilla free to do as she wished. I sat down on the kerb and glanced around at the rest of the abandoned warehouse; taking a sip from the cup in my hand. It had been two weeks since my brother was shot and sent into a coma. He was stuck on life support, barely staying in the land of the living, and I’d been drinking myself silly to cope.

“Here let me hold that for you” said boy number one, taking my glass. He was four years older than me; both were Camilla’s age and had clearly thought she was going to fuck them both. But boy number one was stuck with me; the sixteen year old virgin. Boy number one seemed familiar; as if I should know who he was but the alcohol clouded my vision. We had bumped into them when I was already pretty inebriated.

“Give it back” I said.

“Fine” he said, handing me back my glass. “Mia isn’t it?”

“What’s it to you?” I asked, draining my drink.

“Just trying to be polite” he said.

“Well fuck off” I replied. I threw the glass and heard it hit the ground with a satisfying smash. I held my head in my hands and stared at the ground. My vision started to blur. I felt woozy. I fell sideways and was sleeping.

I woke in a few moments and something felt wrong. I tried to push myself up from my sitting position but couldn’t. My eyes opened and my vision remained blurry. Then I knew what was wrong. Boy number one had his fingers up my skirt and had pushed them inside me.

“What the fu-“ I started but he silenced me by shoving his cock in my mouth. I tried to pull away but he grabbed my head with his free hand and started thrusting. I could feel the tip of his dick hitting the back of my throat and I gagged. I felt something shoot from it as he moaned, and I bit down hard.

“FUCK!” he screamed, pulling out with white shit dripping from the end of his dick. It was in my mouth too. I spat it out onto the floor and gagged again; some of it was still stuck to the back of my throat. I tried to crawl away but he grabbed me. “Not so fast bitch. I didn’t come all the way out here to just get a blowjob. I expected to get some action with that other bitch, but you’ll just have to do”.

He spun me over and shoved his cock inside me and began to thrust. I banged on his chest and scratched but he wouldn’t budge. “Aww yeah baby just like that” he said as he pounded against me; holding me down by the neck. I started to cry. “CAMILLA!” I yelled. “H-“ He silenced me with a slap and continued his work. He arched his back and moaned; making slow, deliberate thrusts now.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!” I looked back to see Camilla running over. She clawed at boy number one as boy number two raced up behind her.

“Getting my bit” boy number one said.

“She’s fucking sixteen you asshole! And she’s crying! You fucking raped her!”

“Man what the fuck?” Boy number two asked.

“I asked her and she didn’t say no” boy number one said. “So I took that as permission”.

“Mia sweetie” Camilla said, hugging me. “What happened?”

“I-I was drinking my drink… and then I blacked out… and I woke up and he was fingering me and shoving his dick down my throat”.

“You fucking drugged her?” Camilla asked boy number one.

“Let’s get out of here” boy number one said to boy number two. He turned and ran. Boy number two looked back apologetically and then chased him.

“I’m calling the police!” Camilla said. “I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!” I stopped her.

“No… don’t… not yet…”


“I… I’ll tell them myself… tomorrow”.

“Mia he raped you. You need to get that fucker taken down”. She looked at me. “Shit we need to get you a pregnancy test… and we need to make sure that sick bastard didn’t give you anything”.

“I… I… I was a virgin…”

“Oh Mia”. She hugged me again. “I’m so sorry I left you”.

I cried into her shoulder. “I want Logan back” I said.

Camilla hugged me. “I know sweetie… me too. He would kill that fucking son of a bitch for what he did to you”. I wish she had told me then who boy number one was.

The End

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