Beautiful Dawn

Beyla was the first of her pack to wake the next morning, stretching her lean form and yawning widely. She padded over to the mouth of the cave and looked outside. The sun was half-risen, spreading dozens of colours across the sky and making the snow before her glitter. Beyla's breath twisted in long white spirals in front of her eyes, dancing in the cold blue air. All the fresh smell of the winter forest rose to meet her nostrils, the sharp tang of the pine, the soft mustiness of old leaves buried under the snow and the slippery wetness of the snow itself.

Shaking her head, Beyla turned to find the white female from Akela's pack, Bec she thought her name was, staring at her. Beyla inclined her head and stepped over to face her. She felt Bec stiffen, but none the less she approached. Whatever prejudices the younger wolf held, she wanted to try and disperse them. Emnity between them would not help with the already pressing issues of survival.

"Good morning Bec. It's a beautiful day isn't it?"

Bec made a low sniff and did not reply. Beyla sighed,

"I know you do not trust me, and I'm not asking you to. I understand that you think me weak for submitting to Akela so soon, but it is necessary. We will all have to work together if we are to pull through this winter. I am not expecting us to become close friends, I simply want to stop this emnity from getting the better of us. I hope you understand."

With that, the big black female stepped past the other wolf, nudging her shoulder gently as she passed. Bec seemed confused and watched as Beyla awoke her family, then went to find Akela.

They'd need to organise a hunting strategy if they wanted any food today.

The End

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