Something Strange in their Scents...

As they entered the cave, Beyla's pack settled down on the far side, their hindquarters against the cave wall and their heads pointed at the exit. All five pairs of eyes were fixed on the other pack. Beyla sighed, the mistrust and hostility between the packs was unbelieavably tangible. They had competed against these wolves for food and territory for years, and had always been natural competetors. This sudden decision to join with them was not only a shock, but it seemed to grate against their very instincts.

Instincts that these other wolves seemed to lack.

Beyla sat down beside her pack, watching the smaller pack with puzzlement on her face. They were some of the strangest creatures she had ever met, and not just because of the way they acted. Something seemed to be missing from them, something that she'd never noticed before, but she knew had always been there. It was like smelling a scent and, although it was familiar, it was different in some way, altered to something abnormal.

And that abnormality seemed to be the same through all of them, from the ill-tempered white female through to Akela himself.

In fact, if Beyla was honest with herself, he seemed to be the strangest of all.

The black she-wolf shook her head and made a soft "wuff" sound. Why was she thinking these strange thoughts? What did it matter if this pack were different to other wolves? Every wolf pack was individual, hers included, and each had its own traits that made it unique. This one may just be more unique than others. But still, it was rather unnerving.

Giving herself a brief shake, Beyla settled herself down beside Rin and put her head in her paws. Rest would help her clear her mind for the challenges she knew were going to face them all in the coming days. And maybe it would help her understand the other pack's strangeness...

The End

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