Akela, having ventured a couple of steps inside to take a look, then stepped back out and nodded.

"Yes, I agree. We can rest here for the night and then look for food in the morning." He stepped away from the entrance and lowered his head, indicating for her pack to enter first.

His pack bristled at the - they felt - undue respect their alpha was showing. Who were these wolves? Why did they need them? They were plenty strong enough by themselves, they felt. An alphess who simply bowed down the moment they found them? That was weak, in their book. They were not normal wolves, not used to the way of normal wolves. Having lived alone for so long, the usual acts of respect were instinctively wiped from them for their own protection. Bec failed to suppress a small snarl as the other pack entered the cave.

With them gone, Akela whirled around at a frightening speed and turned on his pack. He leaped at Bec, pinning her down and snarling in her ear, so the others could also hear.

"Enough, of your disrespect!" He spat, voice grating in a dangerously low, angry tone. "You may think you are strong enough to last by yourselves in these woods and it is quite possible you would survive. However, I know these woods. Small prey is sparse and the large prey is strong; living alone would be no easy task. Be grateful for the help these wolves will give you and show them some respect!" As he finished the last few words, he sprang back from Bec and barked these at all three of them, though it was clearly directed more at the other two of them than Yatima.. He turned and strode back towards the cave, "oh, and you three can sleep at the entrance tonight and take shifts keeping watch."

Bec shivered and glanced from one of her companions to the other nervously. Never before had she seen Akela so mad. Yatima, who had been with him her entire life, looked even more taken aback than Bec. She looked at the other two, nodded and headed towards the cave.

"I'll take first shift, then."

The End

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