Manners, anyone?

Akela and his pack sailed along just behind the other wolves. They ran for what could have been minutes or hours before they found a suitable location. Yatima - a lean, wheaten coloured she-wolf with soft golden eyes - was the first to notice the cave. She slowed and the blind, stout, white female she had been running alongside noticed this immediately. Once everyone had halted, the dark arch hidden amongst the thick trunks of the forest became more apparent and Akela looked to the second lead wolf.

"We should take a look first, I suppose, to ensure that it is safe and suitable."

"It's safe." Snapped Bec, stepping out of line once more. With her lack of sight, her other senses were heightened and she knew nothing had been living in this den for a while now. She was, typically, correct. This time, however, Akela allowed a snarl to escape him.

"We may not be in usual circumstances, Bec, but that is no reason to forget your manners." His smooth tones were now rough and somewhat grating, almost a toned-down version of the femme's own voice. She instantly lowered her tail and head and stepped back in a silent apology to possibly the only wolf who could ever speak to her that way. Akela allowed himself to relax once more and, in a more respectful stance and once again in his gentlemanly voice, he addressed Beyla. "Even so, we should check that it is large enough for all of us. Do you agree, M'lady?"

Akela held few reservations. Alone, each pack was too small to last very long in these woods. Nearly all the prey was large - deer, elk and the such. There were not enough rabbits to go around and therefore they needed to help one another. While he knew little of the new wolves' abilities at fighting other wolves, his companions were not helpless and would certainly stand a chance if it came to it. Either way, he was generally a fairly good judge of character. His pack, however, had little faith in this judgement.

The trio stood tightly together, a short distance from their alpha. Two of them glared accusingly across at the other pack, their tails and heads raised, ears forward and legs tense. They showed no respect, even for the alphess. Akela was getting tired of this; once they had secured a place to rest he would need to have a word. Without these other wolves, his pack had little chance of surviving. Without him they had even less, as they would never find any other wolves to help them with their attitude. He was disgusted by their disrespect for those they now relied on as well as their blazon lack of faith in his own actions. At least Yatima was showing some decency and respect, he thought.

He had brought her up from a pup, with the help of his good, old and probably late friend Solita and would have been even more disappointed if she had been joining in with the other two. He had also played a role in the upbringing of Bec, with the help of his closest friend, Athene. However, Bec had not spent nearly so much time with either of her two adoptive parents and so he was not really surprised by her actions.

The End

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