New Beginnings

The she-wolf was surprised by the grizzled male's apparent respect. Getting back to her feet, she nodded to him and replied, equally respectfully:

"Yes, I agree. We must find a place to spend the night, I have feeling of foreboding about this night. Something in the wind does not smell right."

With a yip to her pack-mates, the female called them over and together the wolves set off, loping through the trees as silently and swiftly as shadowy ghosts.

A young male came alongside her, his dark grey fur sticking out at all angles, and whined softly in her ear:

"Beyla, are you sure this is wise? We have fought these wolves for many summers and winters, how can we be sure they will not turn on us now?"

The she-wolf, Beyla, sighed: "I do not know Rin, but we have no other choice. We do not have enough numbers to hunt alone, and they are the only other pack in the area. Whether they are trustworthy or not, we must put our faith in them for now."

With that, Beyla turned her attention back to running, losing herself in the familiar rhythm of the run. This would be a hard time for everyone, on both sides, and they would have to pull together if they were to live.

Rin and the others would have to get used to it.

The End

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