Akela stepped back; putting distance between himself and the vulnerable she-wolf was a mark of respect. He hadn't really been expecting this, though he put that down to having rarely spent time with any "normal" wolves. Since he was a pup he had been away from packs and the only one, save this one now, which he had ever spent any real time in was the four alpha pack. The pack which was full of frightfully cruel and unbelievably strong, hateful wolves as well as the kinder but self-assured and even lowly scavengers. It had been a long, long time since he had greeted a strange wolf in an amicable manner and he immediately felt a longing for Athene to be by his side, to help him handle this situation.

Given that Athene's guidance was not an option, he decided to do what he knew best. He bowed again and spoke in his smooth, deep, honey-coated tones.

"Ma'am, you needn't flatter me so. Please, stand. I am Akela, these wolves behind me are the remnants of my pack. I'm sure they can introduce themselves at a later date... As for my appearance, M'lady," he said with a bow of his head. "You need not be intimidated. While I have won many a battle, I have also met many who are not half my size, against whom I would not stand a chance-"

"We don't have time for this!" The voice was a grating, painful sort of voice which came out very similar to a snarl. The words were barely audible as they left the white she-wolf's twisted lips. The wolf which spoke was a little shorter than the others, length wise. She was of a stockier build and had piercing blue eyes which stared blindly ahead, into nothingness. "We need to find somewhere safe."

Akela suppressed a low snarl which he was sure only the new lead wolf before him would have heard. He was not one to demand respect but he expected it from those who claimed to call him alpha. Nonetheless, Bec was correct. He looked back to the lead wolf and nodded.

"We can exchange formalities later, if you agree?"

The End

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