The she-wolf made a low keening in her throat, somewhere between a whine and a snarl. A sound that showed she had come to talk, but she wasn't happy about it.

The big male looked at her searchingly, his bright green eyes meeting her amber ones. The she-wolf reluctantly crept forward, her nose and tail lowered. She touched the other wolf's flank cautiously, her nose picking up his scent. He was an older wolf, and the veteran of many battles. She could see the powerful muscles in his shoulders and his eyes were alight with the energy of life.

She growl-whined again, showing her submission. She tried to get herself to relax, but the hairs on her neck refused to flatten. It was almost like her own body was against this decision. Combining packs with an old enemy felt wrong in every respect to her.

But it was necessary, and had to be done.

With a reluctant sniffle, she rolled onto her back, displaying her vulnerable belly.

It was up to the male now if he would accept her and her pack or not.

The End

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