Akela's Pack

The brute rolled his right shoulder; the old, deep, jagged scar which ran lengthways over it was so deep in the middle that a flash of bone flitted in and out of sight as he did so. The wolf was huge. He was not simply larger than most wolves but was larger by a significant margin. He was a wide-shouldered, broad-skulled creature with a heavy, jet black pelt and sharp jade eyes. Apart from the scar upon his shoulder, a thin welt across his snout and a particularly nasty looking war wound which ran along his left flank, he was covered in scars that blinked in and out of existence as his coat shifted. In a bad mood he would be a sight to make even the braver among wolves think twice.

Despite this, he looked much less like the great warrior he could be and more like a bodyguard. His form seemed to lend a certain amount of comfort and security, as well as confidence. The three wolves he traveled with looked like runts in comparison, regardless of the fact that they were well-sized, healthy lupines. There was nothing in the way he stood or walked that suggested he was any higher ranked than those around him but there was an automatic respect which sent his pack, or at least what remained of it, several steps back.

His left ear twitched habitually. He halted and the trio at his haunches hastened to follow suit. Ears tilted forward, bold eyes casting a soft gaze across the tatters of his pack before flashing back ahead of him and instantly filling with the curiosity and attentiveness appropriate to their situation. His pack were perking up, too, as they caught the scents and sounds which had halted their leader. Soft footfalls tickled their ears as the strong, territorial scent of another lead wolf assaulted their snouts.

Akela padded forward until the other wolves came into sight. The three he led stayed a short distance back, shifting from paw to paw nervously. The great beast lowered his head and bent one foreleg in a sort of bow before straightening back up and giving the she-wolf a chance to make the next move.

The End

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