Rising from Ashes

A collaborative effort between PresidentBlue and myself. About wolves.

The she-wolf stiffened, her lips pulling back to reveal her teeth. She didn't want to be here, but she knew it was necessary. If not for her, then for the pack.

Or what was left of it.

Of the twenty wolves she had once led, now only five remained. She had done her best, but now she really had no alternative. She must join with her former foes, or condemn all her family to death. There weren't enough of them to hunt alone any more. The two would have to combine if they wanted to survive.

She apporached slowly, carefully placing one paw in front of another, the black fur on her hackles standing straight up. It had once been thick and sleek, but now it was dull and lacklusture. Such was the price she paid for keeping her pack fed.

The other lead wolf was mere paw-steps from her now, the scent cloying at her nostrils, every instinct in her mind telling her to turn and run. Or to leap for the throat while she still had the chance.

She stopped after three more paces, watching the other wolf with her deep amber eyes.

She'd led this pack for three years and was used to making the decisions.

She just hoped she'd made the right one.

The End

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