Dawn's shoes

Math class had gone well. Dawn had finished yesterday's homework assignment and left it on the desk for the sub to mark, feeling relieved that she didn't need to worry about that along with her writers' block.

Normally, Dawn just took a break while ideas came back to her, but she needed a script done fast. It had to be out of the way before September so that she could focus on grad next year instead of worrying about the script on top of that.

Dawn had, after a lot of debate, been chosen to write a script for the end-of-the-year production put on by the grads of next year. This script was hers, for her graduation class. She was co-directing it as well. It would be an interesting ordeal for her. It was a huge tradition at her school, and Dawn wanted to do well on it.

Dawn thought about all sorts of possibilities for it. She had even contemplated putting herself in it (that hadn't worked). So, she just looked at her shoes as she walked, letting others bump her a little. She knew where her next class (foods class) was, anyway.

It was interesting. She looked down when she was walking a lot, but she hadn't noticed much about her shoes before.

They were a type of skater shoe, but the laces were actually done up. Black, with black laces and purple on the heels, the logo, and the stripe going around the lower edges. Vans, the logo said. They were pretty sweet shoes, Dawn realized. She'd had them for almost a year, they had been a gift from her wonderfully eccentric friend Meg, who had always had an eye for clothes and shoes.

Dawn was always looking down. It was okay to look down, she thought. Other people would notice you and move, or just kind of bump you.

"Oof!" a boy's voice grunted. Dawn's backpack flew from her shoulder

Like that. Dawn froze, scanning the area for her backpack, along with the unfortunate person who had crashed into her.

"Sorry there, darlin'. I didn't realize there was a traffic jam." a familiar boy handed her backpack to her.

"Peter!" Dawn felt herself blush as she took the pack from him. "I'm sorry, I didn't see you there-"

"Well, I figured that since you were so busy examining the floor. You really don't know how fast you walk, do you?" Peter laughed. Dawn tried to laugh as well, and also tried not to focus on his eyes. They were so blue. . .so dark, so inviting.

"Yeah, I just love the pattern of the floor." she joked. The humor Karson uses comes in handy, Dawn thought as Peter laughed again (Karson was one of her friends).

"Touche, very nice." Peter remarked. "Going to foods?"

"Yeah, of course." Dawn shifted the weight of her pack.

"Well, best get inside then. The bell's about to ring!" he called as the bell went off. He laughed a third time, and fled down the hall, waving to her as he went.

Dawn stared after him for a moment, then slipped into foods class.

The End

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