Hello, my name is Dawn.

No, no, that wasn't right.

Hey, I'm Dawn Kinlay-Smith. Nice to meet you.

Uh-uh. That wasn't it either.

Once upon a time. . . .

Oh, come on, seriously? Dawn thought, once again cutting the first sentence from the word document on her laptop. She knew she could do better. It sounded better, but she knew it was true. She had finally come across writer's block again. What was wrong with here? Writer's block always made her feel like a freak.

With a sigh, Dawn shut her laptop and pushed herself off her bed. She thrust the laptop, a couple of binders and textbooks, and her pencil case into her backpack, scooped up her purse, and headed downstairs to go to school.

"Bye, Dawn, have a wonderful day!" her mom called on her way out.

Then almost as an afterthought, Dawn heard the usual "Have you even had breakfast?"

"Bye, Mum!" Dawn called as she slammed the front door shut.

She walked through town practically unnoticed, stopped at the local bakery to buy a doughnut for breakfast, and headed to the high school (Rosamund Place High) to start her day.

Dawn yawned, and quickly finished off her doughnut. She had woken up at four AM, to her surprise, and decided to try out an idea she had had earlier that week. She liked writing. It made her feel. . .special. But, special didn't get you anywhere if you couldn't write it down! Dawn almost wanted to slap herself.

She forced her locker open and shoved her jacket, hat and purse inside. It wasn't that cold today, she reminded herself as she pulled on the fringes of her arm-warmers, which showed just over the edge of her favorite black hoodie, the one without emo sleeves.

Dawn walked calmly to math class, waving to her friends and smiling at them. She slipped inside, took her seat, and prepared to learn more about numbers and theorems, and noticed that there was a substitute for Moretti today. Good, time for her to finish those problems that she forgot. . . .

She focused on the math, did mental math in the margins, tapped her foot on the floor. It was good to escape the writers' block she was having, good to focus.

Just as she finished her fourth problem, Dawn was jolted back to reality by her cell phone, which had vibrated in her pocket.

Dawn quickly checked the text message.Taylor! Always texting somebody. Dawn sent a reply that they would chat at lunch, etc. and went back to her math.

The End

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