The Reaper Marines are the most cold, remorseless soldiers the world has ever seen. Chosen from the most sickening of criminals, held within the worlds most depraved prison, then brutally trained into the ultimate, pityless machines of death. They are called in when the marines just can't, or won't, do it.

The year is 2057 AD. Revolution surges through the world, ripping apart governments, countries and even continents with wild fervour. Feul on earth has run out, and the corporate deities scramble to be the one which finds the last hope and stops Earth from plunging into a dark and horrific civil war.

Detrement Corp is the leading company in this rat race, but it's alternatives are not all...acceptable. After extensive research, they have found a way of making an ineffecient feul out of the human foetus. When they revealed their ideas, the world went in uproar, but nonetheless, "baby farms" were built in secret, to create feul for the most desperete corporations. Finally, the New Earth Corporation was founded. Based on the belief of a new and better Earth, NEC had one short-term goal; find an alternative feul. But companies like Detrement found NEC a threat, and feuds broke out. NEC was sponsered by the richest companies, but they were all research oriented, not military.

NEC turned to mercenaries, but eventually, the co-found, Albert Sykes, found the answer. The Reaper Marines. Ironhold Prison, the first interstellar prison, built in orbit around the moon, is home to the most hardened criminals known to man. After acquiring permission from the CEO's of the benefacting companies, NEC turned the Ironhold into a training facility. Inmates were tourtered into submission, then were brutally forced to crush all emotions. The end result. Reapers.

The year is now 2059, and the first division of Reapers arrive in the NEC headquaters, New York, five hundred strong. Protests are out of control, peacekeepers have been called out, and the NEC are moving out to Washington, and the Reapers have one job.

Purge the City.

The End

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