Walk AwayMature

Finally, I was satisfied that I had amassed as many people as I could, and that we could try to escape. That, and the sight of Fraser's head popping would be too disturbing to handle a second time. So with the plan formulated in my head (break down a door, get out, drive to safety), I set out to get it accomplished. First of all, I needed to find a weak door.

I went in search of a weak exit, and found it at the front entrance to the school; a mainly glass-based affair. One C4 and the whole thing would smash. Excellent. I was now in need of some C4. Weirdly, when I had a root in the front office, I found some wedged into a computer unit - that was sealed in steel. In a fit of fury after several unsuccessful attempts at opening it, I hurled it at a door, and it ruptured open. Calmly, I took the C4 and headed for the door. I planted it and headed for a safe place to hide. In theory, the C4 would explode if I shot it. In practice, it took a whole magazine of M1911 ammunition to detonate it. The whole room shook, and the glass exploded from it's panes, smashing further when it hit the floor. I decided to get the squad when a radio suddenly announced something disturbing in a shrill, young voice:

"Anyone on this frequency, we are preparing a bunker buster to demo Charlie Alpha. Respond."

I fished my mind to figure out what he had said. Eventually, it clicked, with horrible feeling. They were preparing to blow the school to Kingdom Come with a 2000lb bomb. I shuddered in horror, then another announcement ringed out:

"No response, Captain Davidson. I think we should go ahead with this. Charlie Alpha is a cesspit, it would be safer for it to be gone."

There was a slight pause then:

"OK, we're going ahead with this. Bye bye, Charlie Alpha."

I had simply had enough. I screamed at the radio, wailing:


Some mumbling was heard, then the response:

"If you really are human and alive, then you better get your ass out of there. The bomb's ETA is in 120 seconds."

I turned pale at the thought of a bunker buster htting us, then I began to run like fuck to alert my squad. I arrived just in time for their awakening. Jack didn't seem too flustered by my whiteend state:

"Pfft, what's wrong with you? You look like a fucking ghost."
"OK, here's the deal; the army is going to demo this building in roughly 90 seconds. We HAVE to go, now."

That piece of informaton sprung everyone out of their stupor. They collected what valuables they had and instantly started asking questions. Julie was particularily curious:

"Alex, how're we going to get out of here? We're stuck here, aren't we?"
"Oh no we're not. I have a plan. FOLLOW ME!"

The group followed behind me, and I began to run again. I was beginning to get tired by all this running, but this would decided whether I would be living much longer. ETA: 60 seconds.

We were blocked by a horde of undead, but luckily, David simply blew them to pieces with the grenade launcher. I was beginning to panic, so I ran ahead of the pack a bit more. ETA: 30 seconds.

Now I was really sweating. We couldn't make it in time, so we had to hope that we survived the blast. Then I heard the bomb crash through the roof maybe 500 metres away. Then I felt the shock, and fell to the ground, cutting my leg. Then I heard the explosion. The whole building rocked, and segments began falling away from the roof. I got up and kept on running, determined to lead my group to safety. The whole place was coming apart, and the walls were flaking away. I emerged on the other side. Nobody else did. The shaking stopped, but the building still stood strong. Desperate for my team's survival, I ran back into the ruined corridor I had just left.

All I saw was endless slabs of roof now paving the floor - I couldn't see my group's bodies. I started to cry slightly. I had lost the people who I wanted to stay by my side. Then, out of the blue, I saw a shining object in between the dust. It was my crossbow, lying alone. I picked it up and began to walk away. As I left, I etched seven notches into the wooden crossbow body. The seven people who were lost on this day. As I exited the smashed door, the floodgates opened and I started to weep uncontrollably, and the building slowly collapsed behind me. What had I done?

The End

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