My Own HellMature

After yesterday's debacle featuring one broken gun and no deaths (disappointing, really, but...), I was eager to have another root around. You know, just in case anyone else was left. The more people saved, the better. More firepower. More cushioning in case things take a turn for the worse.

I elected to take Duncan, Roy and Murray with me, and left Jack - who was still fuming from yesterday - Julie and David. I wanted to make sure I hadn't taken two useless cowards on board. We armed ourself and went for a leisurely stroll around the school. No problems.

Except, of course, there was. As we headed for a set of stairs to search above, we got ambushed. A wave of zombies were waiting for us at the base of the stairs, wandering aimlessly. Now was the chance to see if Roy and Murray were ready. I sent them ahead and fell back as they charged headlong into the horde. They minced the zombies there with ease, and signalled us up to them. I was pleased. They were indeed ready.

As I exited the stairs at the top, I was met with a friendly face. Fraser, a good friend of mine, was staggering around, aimlessly crashing into walls like a headless chicken. He saw us and ran to us. Panting, he patted my shoulder and said "Hey". He didn't look in the best shape. I needed to know how he was:

"Fraser, you alright? You seem to be a bit... flustered. Tell me."
"Oh nothing. Just got into a tangle with a teacher. He bit me. Black biff..."

Not a good thing. Nonetheless, he was still alive, so I decided to keep him around. He seemed alright on the outside, albeit a bit whitened.

We got ambushed again as we entered one of the art rooms. I sensed an oppertunity for some fun here. As my team held ground, I fired up the kiln and signalled my squad to lead the zombies in there with something. They searched desperately and found a torch with a flash function. I stuck that to the top of the kiln, and rallied my squad to get the hell out before we got burned. Once outside and safe, I witnessed the hell happening inside. Skin was literally melting from bones as the undead got toasted by the white-hot kiln. Scottish teens - 1. Undead - 0.

Fraser was getting worse with every passing minute. He shuffled mindlessly into pillars, walked into others and even began getting whiter. I was walking back to the stairs we had entered when disaster struck. Fraser punched me in the back of the head, bringing me to the floor. As I clutched my head in agony, he began advancing on me, mouth open, moaning. I desperately searched for my M1911, but t0 no avail. He was almost on top of me when, out of nowhere, I heard a gunshot and Undead Fraser's head shattered. He slumped to the floor and I turned to see Murray holding the smoking gun. He smiled. Slowly, I got back up and collected myself. I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed. This is effectively what Hell would bring to me. Harrowing images of the like started swirling in my mind. Duncan shook me and asked:

"Are you having ANOTHER daydream? Wake the fuck up Alex, this is a zombie invasion, not English class."

With that, I left Fraser and went back to the shelter to try and remove that horrid image from my mind's eye. I just would not budge. It hade became my own little piece of Hell.

The End

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