Far From HomeMature

I was not enjoying slumber. My hand was constantly in crippling pain, and my ankle wasn't doing me any favours. So I tried my best to ignore it, only to have possibly the most apocalyptic dream (or nightmare, if you will) of all time.

It started with a flame, literally. I was in the school in my nice, comfy bed, when suddenly, a huge burst of fire erupted through the ceiling. The door was open and on fire. In a hurry, I rushed out of the door to the sight of a truly huge wave of undead. I ran back in, took my crossbow and ran through them. I looked into the rooms I passed, and all of them were filled with zombies. Evey single one of them, with no exception. I turned a corner to see Rob waiting for me. He turned to run with me, only to be encountered by a zombie at point blank range. It tore into him, ripped flesh falling off Rob, as he fell screaming in pain. I put a bolt in him and the zombie, and I turned to go, shaking with guilt. Everywhere I turned, there was my allies, being killed. I looked up a set of stairs to see Julie and David, desperately fighting off a horde. I tried to fire, but my gun wouldn't. It jammed with perfectly awful timing, and as I attempted to fix the jam, the horde overran both of them. When I looked back to them, they were being torn into like two zebras to a pack of lions. Undead lions, but still deadly. I sprinted off, unwilling to unload another bolt or two into former friends.

Then I saw the ultimate disturbance. I looked upon Jack as he walked up to me. He looked pale, but okay. Then he began to run at me, arms raised. Suddenly, I realised that this was not Jack. It was a zombie. I smacked it in the head, and gunned it down. I could feel my blood begin to chill from the adrenaline. I continued to run. I finally reached an exit, but there was an almightly undead tango awaiting my arrival. It charged at me, and I ran for cover. Desperately, I searched for a flammable substance, than hit upon an idea, to attach Semtex to the bolt. I searched for my Semtex, then ran to raid undead Jack of his. I affixed it to the bolt tip, and fired it into the mega-zombie's stomach. The Semtex imploded him, sending chunks all around and blood splattering across the hall.

After this massive victory, I stormed out of the exit, only to get hooked in the face. I tumbled to the ground, my glasses smashed on the ground, and then I saw him. Dr Tapman. His tall frame stood next to me, grinning mildly. He pulled a Magnum .44 out of his lab coat. I scrambled desperately, trying to escape, but I couldn't move. He opened the Magnum's chamber and loaded a round, while delivering a speech;

"Alex, Alex, Alex. What are you doing? You are delaying the inevitable, and I cannot stand your presence any longer. I was planning to turn this school into my personal playground for investigating NIS, but you have meddled with my plans... for the last time. I have but one last thing to tell you... look over to your left. That is waht happens to peope who disobey. They get the end they deserve. Enjoy your end."

I looked to see David and Julie together. Tapman told me David had been injected with a dilute strain of NIS he had developed to make them controllable. David was blank-faced, ashen, holding a Magnum .44 to Julie's head. She was streaming tears and attempting to reason with him, but to no avail. The world suddenly slowed to a crawl. Julie turned to face Tapman, red-faced and crying. As she began to run at Tapman, he raised his finger. David pulled the trigger, and brains splattered the ground as Julie dropped to the ground, lifeless and bleeding. I turned to see Tapman, still grinning, holding the gun to my head. I could feel the cold steel against my head. Then...

I was shaken from my nightmare by Duncan, who was looking rather dulled by the day. He looked straight into my eyes and said;

"Come on Alex, get up. I've been trying to wake you for a while. What's up?"
"Aw, Duncan, I can't begin to explain. Too... nightmarish. I've been too far from home for too long, let's say." I began to be aware of tears that were on my face. I wiped them off and sat, trying to collect myself. I couldn't believe myself.

The End

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