Crossing OverMature

My head was pounding, and I desperately needed some water. Perhaps I shouldn't have had that much gin. Sympathy was not exactly the response I recieved. Jack was giggling relentlessly at me, and a furious smell had manifested itself in the shelter. I gathered myself as much as I could, and woke everyone up. And by that, I meant that I picked up a M1911 and discharged a round into the ceiling. Blood seeped through the hole. They were everywhere now, were the zombies. My way of waking people up worked, as people sprung from their beds like multiple Jack-in-a-box toys. They glared at me with intent. I ignored that and pressed on with the day's duties; clean, food, and weapon loading.

Julie looked far better than yesterday, and she looked ready to go. Unbelievably, she was anything but. She explained that, during the night, she had seemingly pulled a neck muscle in the night, and was unwilling to go out and risk it. David elected to stay by her side again. I was beginning to think that we would permenantly be two men (well, one man and one woman) down. Nonetheless, I split the team into two -me and Duncan in Zulu Alpha, Rob and Jack in Zulu Bravo - and gave us all a two-way radio. This would help with comms, as you would need to stay alive by telling others where you were.

We headed off in our seperate tracks, Alpha to the Science corridor, Bravo to P.E. I expected not a lot from this - little clue as to who did this, zombie slaughter, end - and indeed, the first part happened. I stumbled upon an item resembling an iPhone. I flicked through the various apps until a very strange app appeared. It read, "Hospital Notes", and seemed like it was frequently used. I clicked through and noticed a patient number from before. Subject #966243. I read the content of the file;

"The subject is infected, hence his number. I have diagnosed it as NIS, standing for Neural Incapacitation Syndrome. This means he is, when all is said and done, a zombie. However, what he has is a diluted strain, which means I can program him to not kill and eat me. I wish to conduct tests on this subject."

I had a faint idea on who this was - Tapman - but I couldn't be sure. There could be more people behind this. I continued on the search and hoped that more would happen. Then, in a shock, the second part happened. We were jumped.

A massive shuffling horde hobbled out of the doors by the stairs and began bearing down on us. I radioed Jack, "Bravo, Alpha here, we've been jumped by a huge horde! Gimme a SitRep, now!"
His reply wasn't encouraging. "Alpha, Bravo here, we've been jumped too! We have to retreat now! Come on Rob, let's go now!.." he trailed off to the sound of Rob firing madly and screaming his head off. I decided the best action would be to abort as well. I yanked Duncan along and ran back to a safe position to regroup.

I had my doubts about this defence. Us four versus a titanic gathering of undead. I told the others to lay down some fire as I ran to the shelter. Inside sat David, idly toying with a hand grenade as Julie talked on and on and on. I apologised to Julie for what I was about to do, and grabbed David by the arm and handed him a M16. To my amazement, he put the gun away and pulled out a massive grenade launcher. I grinned and led him out, to the sight of Duncan, Jack and Rob holdiong desperately to their position against a huge wave of zombies. David et rip with the grenade launcher, causing a massive rip in the wave. He fired more in, blowing holes in the crowd and sending limbs airbourne. The parts flew so far that I almost tripped on an undead leg. I could hear footsteps behind me. Swiftly, I turned around and discharged a round into the wall as a warning shot. Luckily, I didn't put a round in them. It was Roy and Murray. They had heard the shrill sound of machine gun fire and ventured out in search of the sound. They had found it. I ushered them into the shelter to get a space to relax.

The zombies were now thin onthe ground, so I ushered everyone back in, lobbed the hand grenade David had been toying with, and slammed the door shut. It exploded with the most violent explosion I had ever heard, and saw blood splatter along the strengthened windows. I breathed a sigh of relief as Roy grinned at me. I decided to give him a welcome to remember.

"Welcome to your new daily task." I said, in a slightly cool tone.
"Thanks. I'm ready." He laughed, and sat with Murray to get initiated. I hoped he was ready.

The End

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