I coughed and coughed until it felt like my lungs were going to fly out of my mouth, but the smell wouldn't go away. The smell of rotting undead is an... unusual smell to wake up to, and one, I hope, that I would not have the displeasure of waking up to for much longer. I grabbed a M16 and wearily slopped around the room, and opened up the door to a definite shock.

"Morning Alex." Jack was standing, ready to roll, with something odd cradled in his hands.
"What the hell's that," I asked lazily, "and where did you find it?"
"Perhaps a M249 SAW, found it in the janitor's room when I went to look around. Amazing what you can find in a school at 3am." He grinned and showed off his new toy.
I was incandescent with rage. "What the fuck were you doing up at 3am? How would I know if you were eaten?"
"Don't piss your pants. I'm still here." He seemed unruffled by it. I decided to leave him alone and rally Duncan and Rob for another day of search and rescue.

I decided the canteen would be a good spot for target-training - ample room for Jack to play with his new toy, and a good hiding spot for any would-be survivors. Unfortunately, Rob had seized the moment and the gun, found a penknife and scrawled "PUSSY" on the side. So Jack would wield a gun with the slang for a woman's private parts on the side. Brilliant.

We entered the canteen and instantly found the undead lurking at one side. Jack, desperate to try the M249 PUSSY SAW out, tipped over a table, extended the front-mounted bipod, and opened fire. Zombies fell left, right and centre, blood flying in all directions and empty rounds being dispensed at a truly unbelievable rate. Then the unexpected happened. A big bugger, who looked like he (or it) could steamroll a house, crashed through the wall. Jack let rip at it, but no matter what he did, it wouldn't die. He seemed near-bulletproof. We started panicing, all guns blazing, to no avail. By now, Mr. Undead Big Mac was perilously near our position.

I was sweating like a punctured dinghy, and finally decided to give Jack some friendly advice;
"Just shoot it in the bloody head, God dammit!"
He aimed up the undead man mountain and sprayed. The rounds hit home, and it's head just exploded, showing Jack in some rather vile pieces of undead skull and brain. He turned to me with a sly grin and said, in infuriatingly calm tones;
"Just ask nicely next time."

I could hear voices, but the rest of the group were already on the scene of the noise. In a corner, laying into a zombie with a spade, was David... with Julie cowering in a corner nearby. He finished off with a massive smack in the head, causing the zombie's head to cave in. It slumped lifeless to the floor and David turned to face us, a triumphant look on his face.

"Well, it takes one hell of a set of balls to take on a zombie in melee," I said, still gobsmacked by what I had just witnessed.
"Yeah, well, it jumped us, so I took matters into my own hands," he replied, before throwing the shovel into the undead corpse and bringing Julie back to her feet. She was pure white all over, shaking like a leaf. She didn't say anything. David explained for us;
"The zombie attacked her, pushed her to the ground. I found the shovel and whacked it something awful, hence the blood on her shirt. It's the undead's blood, not hers."
I was pleased that she had survived. Shaken or not, she would be a vital asset in deciding how we get out of here. We brought her back to base. We left her wrapped up in a towel and found a water machine for a drink. She handed me a little scrap of paper in return, weakly saying that she had stumbled upon it before the attacks. It read;

"Patient Log - Patient #966243 - The patient is getting better from his bite wound. We've released him back into normal society, and seems to be making a full recovery. However, he has developed an almost-carniverous taste for meat, and raw meat at that. I'm sure this is just a phase. Dr. Tapman."

My arse he was getting better. He just made things a whole lot worse.

The End

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