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"Right Duncan, this is the first search, and it's night-time. Zombie hunting time. Stay frosty," I mumbled, trying to keep my voice down, in fear of alerting the zombies to our presence.

Duncan fumbled with his gun uncomfortably. "Alex, are you sure about this? This is zombie prime-time, we could get eaten any second. Look how hard to see it is outside."

I looked outside and saw the chaos before us. Undead roamed the pupil's car park, aimlessly heading to their demise. A single streetlight flickered weakly, the rest all dead and gone. A wolf howled in the distance. I gulped. What the hell had I got myself into?

Doubtfully, we tip-toed into the Music corridor. The pictures from the school shows that once hung on the walls now scattered the floor. Faint clawing of doors were heard. Another flickering light, too dim for use. I crept ever further, and the scratching on the door grew ever louder. I readied my M16 in fear of an attack. The further we went, the more frenzied the clawing got.

We were nearly through the search when, suddenly, the zombie that had been desperately lawing at the door burst into sight and rushed us. I attempted to run, but it tackled me to the ground. Luckily, it was weak, and a swift left hook sent it tumbling off me. Duncan dived in with a single M16 shot that smashed the zombie's skull into dust, sending blood flying. In possibly the coolest kill celebration ever, Duncan spat on the spot previously occupied by the undead head and whispered "And stay fucking down."

We heard more voices and, pleasingly, they were human. We rushed to the end of the corridor and looked through the window at the last room and saw Rob and his pal Jack signalling for help. I attempted to break the door down, but it stayed steadfast. My foolishness was confirmed when Jack simply opened the door with a key. I hit myself in the face and greeted them:

"Well, good to see living faces, rather than undead." I said, hoping for a pleased reply. Instead, all they did was tell us to give them our M1911s, to prevent, in Jack's words, "an undead munching." We handed them over and prayed that their next moves would not be aiming at us and shooting us dead. Thankfully, this did not happen, and they seemed pleasantly relieved. Rob tapped my shoulder and, with a slightly disappointed face, said:

"You took your time, we could have been undead by now."
"And what? We didn't exactly have it easy... erm... wait, we actually did. Sorry mate, but we do have a pretty awesome shelter by Maths. Want to come?" I retorted, desperate to gain favour with Rob.
"Sure. Better than here."

And so, Rob and Jack came with us. We retired to the armoured shelter and tried to get some sleep to escape from this reality.

The End

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