Archaic History

"In order to tell you why Im here I must first bring you back to the beginning..... For centuries past animals of all different kinds have been despised by the human race in fear of us overpowering them. In terms we have been labelled as Myths or Stories told by parents to scare their children, but that has never been our intent. In actuality we have been wanting to live in peace with your kind but based on our appearance the human race wanted rid of us. In ancient times there was a great battle between us and your kind-"

"Wait, wait, wait... I thought you wanted to make peace with the humans, not attack them" interrupted David.

"We do... but your kind has never wanted to make peace with us." replied the griffin. "Every time in the past that we have tried to make peace with the human race they declined. Instead they made war with us, forcing us once more to... disappear as you would say."

"And how do you do that?" asked Heather in a curious tone.

"We all can, all mythical creatures as your race calls us, is born with the ability to reveal ourselves to you or not" replied the griffin

"So basically you can chose to appear to us or not." said Heather simplifying the griffons statement

"Smart girl" said the griffin in return.

"What is your name... and ii've been wondering how do you know my name?" asked David

"I am known by my fellow griffins as Leovenovus, but you can refer to me as Leovon" replied Leovon. "I know your name because we've been watching you for sometime now David and of course the fact that we can pretty much listen to all your conversations without you knowing"

"Very true I suppose" said David and while saying this he wondered what have they heard?

"The reason  I have come to you now David is to impress upon you an important message to your people, and if you fail it could spell impending doom to the human race."

The End

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