Orientational Pursuit

"So now you actually want to find that thing?!?... *sigh* David your crazy..." Heather said in an inexorable tone.

"First of all that Thing is called a griffin, and second of all Heather you must understand that that Thing is the only way of finding out more, even you must understand that" David said in an almost supplicating voice. "Not only do I want to find it, but I also want you to come with me..."

"Ok David if I didn't think you were crazy before then I definitely think you are now..." Heather replied in a bereaved tone. 

"Heather if I really didn't think this was real do you really think that I would keep badgering you about this?... think of all the things we've done together, in those times have I ever lied to you before, and if so have I kept pestering you about it subsequently? "

"No... You haven't... but even if you, I mean we do find this... griffin, how do you know that he will talk? 

"I don't know... there is just something about him... He is just so majestic so... copacetic, there is just something inside me that's saying that once we find him that what i've been searching for will be revealed to me and that my life will be changed as a result..."

"And your right" said a familiar voice behind him.

"Yo- you were right" said Heather, her voice nothing but a squeak.

"Do you want to know?" said the griffon

"I want to know everything" David responded.

"Very well"

The End

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