In Retrospect

"A lion with... wings?..... Seriously?"

"Common Heather you got to believe me... when have I lied to you before?" David pleaded. "I mean I know it sounds kinda wacko but its the cold truth!"

"*sigh* David I guess I believe you but why would a lion with wings suddenly appear in the middle of the road so he could talk to you?" Heather said.

"To be quite honest I don't know Heather, Im as frustrated as you are..... wait, he did say one thing, he told me to remember them" David replied slowly. 

"Them?" Heather answered quickly. "Your saying that there are more of them?!? Ok David now I think you've gone to far."  

"*sigh* Ok Heather lets just study for the math test." David replied disheartened

David walked home confused and disappointed. Why had it came to me? What does it want with me? Will it come to me again? A thousand questions flew through Davids head as he began the 5 block walk to his house. This is just great... he thought. Now my own friend won't believe me... Just then a steady downpour of rain began and David thought: Hmmm just great, now the sky even hates me! 

Just then the Strange creature reappeared and said: "David!" in its booming voice, "Don't fall into despair for we will be with you." and as suddenly as it appeared it was gone. 

The End

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