Rise of the Myths

Some animals Mankind consider to be real, some are labeled "Mythical." These creatures were considered to be "fake" because of the fact no one has seen, heard, touched, scented, or... tasted, until the day they revealed themselves...

"David, can you please tell me the five senses please?"

"Easy" David  thought as he listed them in alphabetical order. "Hear, Sight, Smell, Taste, and Touch."

"Good job" said David's science teacher as David received high-fives from everyone around him. Science came to him naturally as well as every other class David was in. He wasn't a nerd, or a jock but a very smart and athletic kid which resulted in him being pretty popular around school.

Ringgggggg! The bell signaled the end of the school day and the start of the weekend. Everyone immediately grabbed their books and binders and headed to the door and ultimately their lockers.

"How are you so smart?" asked David's best friend Heather as they both opened their lockers and stuffed all homework they needed for the weekend into their backpacks.

"I don't know" he replied "it just comes to me naturally."

"Well, could you come over to my house tomorrow and help me study for the math test on tuesday?" Heather asked.

"Sure, no problem" David answered as Heather stepped onto her bus.

"Thanks!" she called through the window just as the bus pulled away from the school parking lot.

"Lucky" David  thought as he began the 1.4 mile walk to his house. His mother insisted that he walked home everyday after school to "keep him fit." As David walked home he recited multiplication problems in his head. 

"4 x 9 equals 36, 6 x 8 equals 48, 7 x 3 equals...." he was speechless as he lifted his head and saw an animal that looked like a lion with wings. It gave a powerful roar then set one massive paw forward towards David. David almost felt drawn to the strange animal and strangely enough it began speaking english words that he could understand perfectly.

"What is your name young one?" it asked in its deep, powerful voice.

"Davi... David Nelson" David replied in a weak, stuttering squeek.

The creature spoke again: "Well, David Nelson I fear that your people will fall, and fall hard and soon"

I dont know what you mean ss.... sir" David said but didn't exactly know how to address the strange animal.

"Just remember us David, just remember" and with a great roar that forced David to shut his eyes he disappeared. 

The End

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