Rise of the Guardians/Frozen Crossover

Disney's Frozen and Dreamwork's Rise of the Guardians are two of my favorite movies. I've also always shipped Jack and Elsa. So I'm putting them together in this story.

It was the summer of 1940. While most of the world was enjoying the warmth of the sun, the North Pole was still covered in a blanket of snow. Outside, everything was peaceful and quiet. Inside a large building, however, it was everything but. A large man who goes by the name of Santa Claus was in his office, making another one of his large ice sculptures. Outside his office, elves were everywhere. There were also several large furry creatures making toys and doing other work for Santa. Without warning, Santa walked out of his office and over to a very large globe in the room. This globe had several lights covering every inch of land. There was one spot on he globe that Santa took interest in. The lights were flickering, but not in the usual way. This puzzled Santa Claus. Immediately he summoned a person he knew well, the tooth fairy.

Over at the tooth palace, the Tooth Fairy heard that Santa had summoned her. She flew as fast as her hummingbird like wings could carry her. When she finally arrived at the North Pole, she found Santa Claus waiting for her.

The large bearded man boomed in his loud voice, "I was expecting you much later. Your flying speed never ceases to amaze me."

The tooth fairy seemed to completely ignore the previous statement. She said to the bearded man: "What could be so urgent that you had t summon me here? There are hundreds of children that need their teeth collected. What could possibly be so important?"

"Look at the globe. It is flickering. That can mean only one thing."

"Um, you forgot to pay your electric bill again?"

The usually jolly old man looked shocked. "No! The flickering lights mean a child is ceasing to believe. It is normal for individual children to flicker. But this is not just one. It is an entire village!"

The tooth fairy still appeared unimpressed. "What exactly does this have to do with me? I am very busy you know. Unlike the guardians who only work one day a year, I'm constantly on my feet. I'm already running behind schedule!"

Santa sighed. "I need to find out if something unusual is happening. Because your little fairies are traveling all around the world, I had assumed they would know of any peculiar events happening in Arendalle."

The tooth fairy suddenly stiffened up slightly. "I know of a very strange event in Arendalle.I can't help you, the problem seems to be more of Jack's domain."

"What could the problem possibly be?"

"It seems that Arendalle has been hit with a strange cold front... the entire kingdom has been covered in a thick blanket of snow and ice." Before she could be questioned any further, the tooth fairy flew off back to her tooth palace before she was thrown any more off schedule. Santa Claus was now even more confused than when her first noticed a problem.

Santa thought to himself, "Snow? But it's the middle of July! What on earth has Jack Frost been up to?" He stormed out of the workshop into the frozen snow outside. Then he opened his mouth and shouted "FROST!" The shout was so loud, icicles fell from the roof of the workshop. Santa stormed inside and waited for the mischievous guardian to show up at the North Pole. In the meantime, he would get to work on his ice sculpture again.


Jack Frost was fully aware Santa wanted him, and Santa was not a man to be messed with. He left the fun mischief he had started and headed of to the Pole knowing very well he was going to receive some sort of lecture. When he arrived at he North Pole, he quickly realized this was not like Santa's usual reprimands. The usually jolly old man had his arms folded, and he looked down at Jack with a look of anger, frustration, and shame. Before Jack could ask why he was summoned, Santa began to speak, his thick Russian accent penetrating the air around them.

"Jack, I have been informed of a strange cold front in Arendalle. You can not change the weather wherever you want. It is summer. Why would you make it snow in the summer? Man in Moon will not be happy with you. Why, when he finds out about this he'll-"

"What makes you think I had anything to do wit this?" Jack interrupted.

"Because," Santa exclaimed, I can feel it- in my belly!"

"Well, this tome your belly is wrong. I can assure you, I was nowhere near Arendalle. I've been here at the pole, trying to smuggle some of your hot cocoa."

Santa looked shocked. "First of all, my hot cocoa is off limits. Second, how else could you explain this? You create the cold Jack. Only you can decide where and when it will snow."

Jack was flabbergasted. For a moment, he was speechless. Eventually, he found the words and spoke: "I don't know what to say. I can promise you one thing, I have nothing to do with the snow in Arendalle. I may be mischievous, but I would never mess with the weather like that. The Man in the Moon would strip me of my guardianship." Jack's piercing blue eyes finally met Santa's fierce blue eyes. They stared at each other for a moment before Santa finally spoke.

"If you say you weren't involved, then I believe you. However, because your specialty is the cold, I am going to have to ask you to take a trip down to Arendalle. You are the only one who I think could figure out exactly what is happening there."

Jack sighed, loudly. "You're not the only busy guardian, you now. Do you know what happened last tie I took a vacation? THE POLAR ICE CAPS MELTED! I can't just get up and leave just because a small kingdom is having a snow problem. And besides, I can't stop the snow, I only create it."

Now it was Santa's turn to sigh. "Jack, I am begging you." His voice sounded very pleading. "You are the only one who can help us. The children in Arendalle are confused. They are beginning to doubt. The snow has caused them to question everything they once believed. That includes is. If we do not solve this problem, we could lose the entire kingdom of Arendalle. Do you want the loss of all those children to be on your head?"

Jack hung his head in shame. "I know, we can't afford to lose the entire kingdom of Arendalle, especially over a little bit of snow. I'll head over there first thing tomorrow morning."

"No," Santa firmly said. "You will leave first thing today. The sooner you leave, the better. Strange magic is happening Arendalle. If the guardians don't find it, Pitch will. He is already powerful enough. We can not risk him gaining any new power."

"I understand Santa. I will leave for Arendalle and be back before you can utter out a hearty ho ho ho."

Santa smiled. "There is the enthusiasm I was looking for. Now go to Arendalle. Travel through the woods, try to stay hidden. The less people that see you, the better. Seeing Jack Frost in the middle of a summer snow storm could give you a bad reputation."

Before Santa could say anymore, Jack ran out the door. He jumped into the air and allowed the cold North Pole wind to carry him quickly away.

The End

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