Jack Frost

We all thought Jack Frost was a normal teenager that wanders around. But we better look from another point, another Jack Frost.
A new version of Rise of the Guardians.

 " Mom! Let me go! Mom! " Young Jackson was trying to get out of the grasp of his dad, the Old man Winter or Father Frost. Jackson was struggling to come out. Why? His mother was dying inside the house. And so do his sister. The nightmares attacked more and more and the black sand started to cover his mom. Jackson screamed. He was only 14 years olds. He wasn’t going to lose his mother." NO! " And with this word, he finally freed himself from the Old man's grasp and ran inside the house.

" JACKSON! " Jackson just ran away. Think man Think. The spell…! The spell!  Old man winter started reading the spell.

" Wait you see the daylight. "
Jackson heard that.

" Wait you see the Moonlight."

" No No Dad…? "

" Wait to see the Daylight, the sunlight, Wait to see the Moonlight, the stars. Sleep in peace, don’t move now, wait till I, come to thaw. "

Jackson exclaimed. " Dad yo—Uh. "Before he could say anything the spell worked and the Ice Prince fell asleep on the dry ground. Father Frost ran to his son, picking him up and taking him to his new home : Antarctica. Old man Winter places the young Jackson on a bed, shaking him to wake him up. " Jackson…. Jackson … Jack! JACKSON? " The boy didn’t wake up. He was still sleep. Winter stared at his son. A young thin long and slim Boy with white hairs and Snowy skin and pale white lips, wearing a large clothe ( Like Pitch's , but White ) With frosted blue patterns on it, and White shoes with white socks under it and a white-blue scarf around his neck. " What did I done! "

300 years later, North Pole

"Uh.. I take it back. The Groundhog is … fine. " Bunnymund exclaimed. " Jack Frost..? " North said. " Eh… As long as he cares for the…nope. Sorry Jasmine. Not working for a sleeping person. " Tooth said to a small fairy who was a fangirl of Jack Frost. They all stared at the figure. Pale skin, Blue eyes, White hairs, a long Dress like Pitch's just white with Buttons on the Sleeves and on the middle of it with frost patterns, a skinny white pants and two white shoes. The Ice Prince, or better say, Jack Frost. A boy, access to all Iced Elements. ( You know what I mean ). " Manny, who we should get him? " Save him… was all the moon told them. North sighed. " Everyone, through the sleigh. " And they did.

It hurts…. It hurts!

The boy thought. " What did I done! Stupid me! If it wasn’t me maybe he… You were conscious! " Sorry, who? " I broke my promise Jack… SON I AM SO SORRY! WHAT DID I'VE DONE! " Crying voice. Jack was his name huh? Try to move! ' Come on move! ' Why couldn’t he move? What the hell was wrong? He guessed it.

He was…

Unconscious. And…


Darkness surrounded him.


 Old Man Winter knew the way. Killing himself. That was the way. He should have knew it! He made an icicle in his hand, and cut himself. " There will be… My young Jackson will come back to life! IF I die, the spell will die either. His blood dried. The Spirit came out of the body, waiting for his son to awake before going to heaven. He waited and waited… Wait. What happened?  You made another wrong choice Old man Winter, your son wasn’t going to be awake by your death…  The Moon. The Spirit Touched his head only to guess his hands pass through him. " WHAT HAVE I DONE! "


" Ok… Here is the Ice Pal--- WOW! "

North shouted as a nightmare exactly came through him. They ran inside quickly only to realize the Old Man Winter had cut himself. " N-No… Jack! " North muttered. The group followed him. After 10 minutes they finally found Jack. And surprised. Jack was sleeping inside a glassy cabin, Winter flowers growing around him every second, and his face looked hurt. But the thing that surprised them, was his aura. His aura was shining and sending blue shocks to everywhere, blocking every nightmare who wanted to attack him. " Hurry! Bunny! Tooth! You free him! Me and Sandy will take care of Nightmares!  " Tooth and Bunny nodded and ran toward the glass. Bunny Broke the glass and Tooth took out the child. " Bunny… " Said Tooth. " He is.. Light! And his heartbeat hardly can be heard! It is faintly! " " Come on mate! Wha' do yer expec'? He slep' for Three Hundred Years. Hurry! Flew out I will take come flowers. I think they might help. " " But bunny! They re flowers in the glass! " " I know… But the other flowers over there look different. " Tooth nodded nervously and ran (flew) to the guardians, realizing the child's dress was sliding on the ground ( You know Pitch's dress… )  Tooth covered the boy's neck with the blue-white scarf, and closed the bottoms of his sleeves, ignoring the frosts that covered on his hands. " We will stop the spell sweet Tooth. I promise you. " And the guardians came inside, bunny with the winter flowers. North continued Tooth's word. " We promise. And When we promise, " " It is something we never ever break it mate. " The teen didn’t respond. He was still under spell of his evil father. His chest rise up and down, and the thing that the guardians didn’t know was that he was listening.
Even if he's unconscious.

The End

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