The guardiansMature

"I hope the eleven's treated you well." The big teenager says, as I climb out of the sack.

"Yeah, I love being shoved in a sack and dragged along the corridor." I say sarcastically picking up my umbrella.

"Oh good. That was my idea." He tells me, looking very happy about it.

"You have met Aiden, the Ester bunny obviously." The boy says.

"Obviously." I say looking a bit confused.

"This is Andy, The sand man." He points over to a person sleeping on a chair.

"I am Nathan. Santa" He says. "And this is Betty. The tooth fairy." He finishes.

"Hello Jacky! I have heard a lot about you from Jack. And your teeth!" She screeches.

"My what?" I ask, very surprised.

"Let me see." She says sticking her finger into my mouth. "No braces, straight teeth. They really are as white as freshly fallen snow." She mumbles.

"Tooth, fingers out of mouth please." The chubby boy tells her.

"I guess I should tell you why you are hear. You have been chosen my the man in the moon to be a guardian. So, let's queue the music!" Just then the year elevens come out with a tuba and a trumpet.

"No music!" I protest. "I don't want to be a "Guardian."" I shout. Everyone is shocked.


The End

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