The Australian boyMature

"Excuse me?" I ask.

"You are just like him! We have been waiting for the real ones, and now you have come! Everything is now perfect!" He rambles on.

I can not tell which of the five groups he is in. I just ignore him. The bell goes, and I have English first. I follow the people in my form to the right classroom. It is raining again so I get my big umbrella out. The boy that was talking to me went the other way. thank god that creep has gone. I think to myself. I then trip over something and push over a taller boy. He has bushy eyebrows, a stern smile, and a rucksack with what looks like a ester egg keyring on it.

"Hey watch it!" He tells me, with an Australian ascent.

"Well sorry." I say sarcastically. Then the teacher comes and tells us to go in the classroom.

I wonder and wonder what group that boy in form is in, all day. I never see him again. That was one weird day. I think to myself.

Last period is Maths. Everyone leaves the classroom and I stay behind to talk to the teacher about the last math problem.

 "Hello mate." I hear a familiar voice say. I clutch my umbrella, and look into the shadows.

"It's been a long time. First period, I believe." The Australian boy tells me, holding a boomerang! Where did he get that from?

"You're not still mad about that are you?" I ask leaning on my umbrella.

"Yes." He tells me. "But this is about something else." He carry's on. "Fellas."

I was then grabbed by two year elevens, and shoved in a huge sack. "Hey!" I yell.

I could feel the year elevens dragging me down the corridor and up a few steps. "Whoa!" I then climb out of the sack, and see five people staring at me.

"Hey, there she is!" A big teenager says. "Jacky Frost!"

"Whoa, you've got to be kidding me." I say, looking around the room. It looks like an abandoned classroom with Christmas decorations and sacks everywhere. I then realise that these are the nerds and this is there secret hide out.

The End

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