The new girl at schoolMature

The Rise of the Guardian's fans, are full on fans. They quote the guardians and dress like them, and do everything to be just like the guardians.
One day, a new girl came to their high school, Jacky. She is not fitting in with anyone, and she feels alone and invisible. Jack(one of the rise of the guardian's fans) Try's to persuade her to be in his friendship group. Will she become a guardian? Or will she be invisible forever?

(Hello! Before I start the story, I would just like to say that this is a fan fiction on Rise of the guardians. I am new to this type of thing, so I am sorry if I don't get everything right.)

So, I am the new girl again. Sitting on the bus alone, again. Why can't your family stay in one place? you might say. Well, it's either job reasons, or I get bullied, again.

"Try and make friends today." Mum shouted at me before I reached to the door. 

I have never had a friend to he honest. I just lie to my Mum and say I am popular. The truth is I am all alone. I am invisible. No one sees me talks to me, nothing. No one.

My loneliness has actual made me discovered something over my changes in schools. There are five main groups in school. The Chavs. (People that are so think, that they will always act like an idiot) The boy band group. (The people who are obsess with a boy band, that's all they talk about.) The rebels (The people who are really rebellious, about what they believe in or a problem that they are trying to overcome.) The chewers. (the people who don't quite fit in and  a bit alone. They decide to be alone and quirky together, and they chew-a lot) And there are the nerds. (The nerds are good at every lesson, and they are obsess with some hero, comic, or board game.)

I ride the bumpy bus to school, and then get off at my stop. St. Andrews. Hear I come.  I look around my form room and see the usual gangs. This time, I think the rebels are Goths.

"So, would you like to introduce yourself?" The form teacher asks me.

"I wouldn't bother. No one will talk to me." I say, sitting down on the back desk. The rest of the form start talking, like nothing happened. Just like I expected.

I start to bite my nails, and look at the clock. Five minutes until the bell. I feel a pair of eyes on me. I look around and then I realise that there is someone staring at me. I don't know what to say.

"Your perfect. You are the one!" He tells me.



The End

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