it's not going well for Lydia

"Uhh!!!!!!!!!!!" I yell to the top of my voice.

"AHH!" I yell again.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yell again.

It's not fair. I can't even do a single thing Jack has been teaching me.

"Alright. So maybe not ice." He tells me.

"No I need to try again!" I yell.

"Stop wasting energy on this." He tells me putting a hand on my shoulder. I shrug him off and put all of my might into it again.


"Stop it. You have been pressuring yourself for a week. You are going to kill yourself." He tells me.

"No. I didn't even want this. But you talked me into this. Now you have, I cant do anything. You should have picked someone more qualified to do this job." I tell him.

He gives ma a little boy laugh. "That's exactly what I thought when I was chosen. But... I didn't chose you. He did." Jack points to the sky.

The moon shins bright, even though it is in the middle of the day.

"If he chose me, then why didn't he give me the same powers as you." I ask him.

"Don't ask me." He says.

I turn to the moon: "Why?" I ask.


"UGH!!" I say. I then turn back to the half frozen lake. I start to walk on it again. I close my eyes and then concentrate. I put all of my mind on it. I open my eyes. Nothing.

I crawl down on my knees, and use my fists and hands to make the lake icy again. nothing. In fact it looks like it is braking.

"Look out." Jack yells, grabs me at the waist and then pulls me away, just before the ice shatters.

I was almost going to die. But he save me. He then steppes on the lake and makes it frozen again. I love the patens he makes. All swirly, and pretty. Not like my sharp edgy ones.

That's all I can do. Create horrible frost patterns with my feet. I can't even make a normal simple snowflake.

I can see Jack create a snowflake. "I think you should take some time off. Some free time, to be alone. I can't take you to the human world yet. But tell me where you want to go." He says.

"I don't know. Some where alone." I tell him.

He makes the snowflake, takes my hand we appear in Antarctica.

"I will leave you here for a while. I need to do my job. I will see you later though."

I nod my head, holding back my tears. when he leaves I burst out.

I then look at the moon. "You and me," I sniffle, "have got some talking to do."

The End

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