Training part 4

"Very good. Now you have created some proto type toys from ice, I think we shall begin weapon training." North tells me.

I look at my angle doll, who flies when you press her wings. She looks like she can make a special little girl smile.

"Alright." North begins. I love his thick Russian accent. " You can chose from these three weapons." He puts three heavy looking weapons on the table. A dagger, a axe, and a crossbow.

I look at all of them, and then decide to pick up the axe. It feels pretty good in my hands.

"Alright. Now I believe the best way of learning is getting straight in with the job. I am throwing you in the deep end Heather." He says. He then grabs his swords, and starts fighting with me. I grab the axe and start swinging it madly. It is really heavy, but I don't let North see I am struggling.

He almost hits me, but I duck out f the way. His sword is jammed in the doorway. I take this opportunity to run out of the room, and hide behind the giant glove in the centre of the room. 

"Where are you?" I hear him say.

I try and get my breathing low, but I think he hears me panting. I can see him coming towards me. I then leap out of my hiding spot and run somewhere else.

I don't know where I am running to, but I leap, and doge out of the yeti's way. I find myself in a dark room. There are stomping of hoofs, and I can feel something big. I immediately know that I am in the sleigh room.

I hear something squeal, and a door opens. I clime on the sleigh and clutch my axe, waiting for something to happen.

The sleigh comes out of it's room, and I can't see anyone.

"AHA!" North's voice says, coming from behind me.

He jumps on the sleigh, and we picked up where we left off. I can feel the axe start to get lighter in my hands. Just then the sleigh starts to move.

A yeti is riding the sleigh, and it is hard to fight North, because there is no hard floor, and we are moving around icy tunnels.

I can see one of North's sword slide out of his hands, just an inch. I rake this opportunity to knock it out of his hands. He only had one sword left. It is a fair fight now. we are out in the open cold air, and it is freezing!

I finally put all my might into one last swing of the axe. And it knocks the other sword out of his hands.

"I did it. I defeated you. I beat you!" I yell.

"Yes you did. That was excellent training Heather. There is only one thing left I need to teach you." He tells me.

"What's that?" I ask helping North up.


The End

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