Trainging begins part 3

Tooth Plaice is crowded, and I am still not very good at flying, but I think I am getting the hang of it.
"Hurry Adam." Tooth shouts at me.

I fly around all the obstacle's she set up for me. I do everything she taught me. I then collect every tooth that is hidden. I do this as quick as I can. My hair is falling on my face, but I don't care. The baby teeth( Fairies) stop and look at me fly, and search for the teeth. Tooth is timing me, and I think I have got all the teeth. I then fly as fast as I can to tooth."I think I got them all." I tell her, dropping the sack to the floor."Alright." She says going through the sack. The baby teeth look around her."Twenty five." She says with a big sigh after. The baby teeth then look sad at me.I get a feeling that I didn't collect them all. I am so disappointed."That's all of them. Great job!" She then says."Don't scare me like that." I tell her."I couldn't help it. Anyway I think you are improving fast." She tells me.She talks about my timing, and how I need to be faster, but she thinks we can improve on that.We walk into the teeth boxes area. Even more baby teeth are there. They sigh a heart struck sound when I enter. I don't understand why."Why are we here?" I ask."To see how we keep the memories." She explains. She points over to a fairy and we watch her put the tooth into the little box with a sticker of the child's face on. The fairy then closes the box. "When you are ready you will see your own memories. All of the assistants will"

The End

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