Training part 2

I am still sleepy from the dream dust moulding. Sandy wants me to start to make some sand now. I can't make sand. I am too tired.

He creates a ticking clock, to remind me about what the Man in the Moon said. I get up, and yawn again.

Sandy shows me how he creates sand in his hands. I try and copy him, I do this straight away. He claps his hands. I try and create something out of it. I create a small puppy. It's jumping around from place to place. Sandy takes it away and makes it into sand again.

Why did he do that? He shows me that he thinks it's not strong enough. I create sand again. I mould it into a butterfly this time. Fluttering around everywhere. Sandy does the same thing again.

I try and try to create things to be strong but I can't do it. This is the last time I am going to try. I breathe in, and use all of my energy, I create a tun of sand and mould it into a huge elephant. I m amazed about my power. I collapse to the floor. Sandy is amazed by this. He starts to create a dinosaur. I am so tired. I just stay on the floor.

I then go into a sleep. I dream about what I have created. My dream is sweet and reminds me of clouds. Objects turning into other objects. It's hard to describe dreams. It always is. But this dream, this dream is the best.

I wake up suddenly from the dream, and see sandy riding the elephant. I don't know how but I can hear what he is trying to tell me. He said he went to the human world and he gave a young girl my dream. She liked my dream and she wants another one.

I am amazed that he took my work out into the human world. He tells me about the human world, and we practise a bit more.


The End

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