Training begins.

"Alright little one. Are you prepared to be a master of hopes? I will teach you to have nerves of steel, and be a master of Ti-Chi." Bunnymund tells me.

"Yes Sensei." I tell him.

"Ahh. Good." He says.

"Let's begin with a bit of meditating." Bunnymund tells me.

We get into the lotus position, and sit for an hour without talking on the grass. I was tempted to run and chase the eggs at one point. Then I remembered how serious the situation is.   

"Right, now. Let's get you sorted you little hopper." He says.

I get up off the ground and we run to the giant stone eggs.

"Let's have a race. Like we did when you came to my world." He says.

I remember that race. All the guardians were there except Jack. He was still sad about his assistant falling into ice.

"Not like before though. We need to race through the tunnels." He says stomping his foot. He hops in, and I start to slide down it.

"Help." I shout. I don't know exactly what's happening, but I can feel his paw grabbing my leg.

"Right. I think we need to start simple. Maybe, I shouldn't have started with the tunnels."

He says we should have a race from here to the other side of his burrow. It's quite a long way. But I want to prove to him that I am ready.

I run hop, jogged, every egg, and obstacle in my way. Past the flowers, and the giant eggs. I run with all my might. Not looking back, just keep running forward. There is a wall coming up.

"dead end." I whisper, I start to climb. I am not used to my new rabbit body. My legs can't climb. I take the long root. I go to the left, where the wall becomes smaller and I leap over it. I run and run and run. The giant eggs are moving now, so I will have to doge them now.

I almost got hit by one, but I jumped out of the way in time.

I am at the end of the race now. I start to pant a little. It's not long after when Bunnymund comes in.

"Crikey. That was a close shave you had there mate." He says patting me on the back.

"So was I good enough?" I ask.

"Almost. We just need you to jump over that wall, and a few other things and I think you will be good enough to try the tunnels again.

The End

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