Man in Moon

Sorry I haven't wrote anything in ages. I was ill, and then I went on holiday. But I am back now. Yay!********************************************************************************

Just then the crystals in my pocket lights up. I take it out to see the red glowing crystal. The rest of the assistants get their crystals out too.
"It must be a sign." I tell the rest of them.

I hear one of North's yeti's scream.

I turn around to see Gemma has stomped on the yeti's toe. She then makes a sign from her dream just that looks like a moon.

"Ah. Man in Moon. Why didn't you say anything Gemma?" I ask. She makes this face that says: "Well I've been trying."

North pushes me aside and looks out of the far window, where we can see a full moon.

"What's the news?" He asks. I can't hear the moon talk, and the rest of the assistants look at North like he is crazy.

"Umm, what is he doing Heather?" Bruce asks me. I shrug my shoulders to indicate that I have no idea.

"That can't be. We put him back years ago!" Jack shouts.

"He is back in the dark where he belongs." Bunnymund joins in.

"What's happening?" I ask North.

"Pitch Black is coming back. But this time he has created something more evil. Something more powerful." He tells the assistants.

"We need to get the children believing for longer, before he comes back." Tooth says.

"We need our assistants. We need your help. Man in Moon has chosen all of you for a porpoise. We need to train you, and get you ready for when Pitch will attack. Man in Moon says he will. And it will be a bigger fight than before. So we will need your help. Are you with me?" North says.

"Yes." I say.

"Yeah." Says Adam.

"Alright." Says Bruce.

Gemma nods her head and yawns.

We look over to Lydia. She looks sad. Like she want to be any ware but hear.

"Lydia?" Jack asks, walking towards her, leaving a trace of frost on the floor.

She moves away when he gets close.

"I don't know." She whispers. We look around at each other, thinking the exact same thing.

"what do you mean?" Jack asks her the question we have been thinking.

"I don't think I am cut out to be one of you guys." She says.

I walk over to her and say: "Of course you are. You are chosen by the Man in the-"

"I DON'T CARE WHAT HE SAID!" She screams pointing at the open window where we can see the moon.

"I think, we should go." Jack says, he takes Lydia's hand and fly's out of the top window.

"I have never seen anything like her before, have you?" Tooth asks.

"No. She is quite unique." Bunnymund says.

"You know she said how she is not cut out to me one of us. What do you think she ment by that?" Bruce asks.

North strokes his beard, "I don't know. I really don't know."





The End

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